Allacyn's Posh-Card

March 2016

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Don't miss these offers!!! (From me personally not a corp offer)

Who could use a little more pampering?! EVERYBODY!!!

From Monday March 21st to Wednesday March 23rd (3 WHOLE DAYS) these offers are in effect!! This means orders online or those that contact me personally!!! **For online orders before you pay your balance contact me so I can add your goody and cover it's cost**

So many fruity, fragrant and refreshing NEW products in the NEW Spring/Summer catalog!! Ice Cream scented hand creme (smells like vanilla creme), Chunk soaps that smell like a tropical vacation (Pineapple, Key Lime Pie and Lemon), Lip scrubs and balms that match each other in scent and ohh so tropical!! Get the theme here? VACATION no matter where you are!!

It's hard to choose just one since they all smell SOOO good!! And YOU can get 1 FREE for the next 3 DAYS!!!

Did you see the sales on our Honey products?! Scroll down and check them out! SO many opportunities!!

ALSO Tuesday I'll be hosting an Poshortunity get together!! Learn more about what Posh is all about! No pressure just pampering 411!!! 4Pm my house in Hollister, email me for more info.

Don't forget Posh is about Pampering and we ALL deserve it!!!

:) Allacyn

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Allacyn Spears - Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant

Pampering is what I do!!
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Honey Lovers Unite!!

Perfectly Posh's Weekly Sales....

Hand or Body Creme.......Body Scrub or Chunk Soap

AWESOME deals!!

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