Release the Radio

By Siret Malhi - Specialty Current Events

The New Release

The latest invention the radio has just unleashed in the department stores in Mexico!

People have been running in and out from the department stores just to get their hand on the radio. The inventor Gilbert Squeak said that" this has to be the best invention I've ever made". I have been interviewing people about the radio and so far the results have been insane, people have been loving it!

The New Release

The radio allows you to listen to the news, songs and so many other things, even the prime minister has one! The radios Deluxe design lets it be portable and good looking. Some people believe that the radio might last for the next few centuries. Right now in the department store on the scene 3025 radios have already been sold! "The radio has been a great hit and I've already got an enormous fortune!" said Gilbert Squeak.