Texas road trip

Dillon Wilkins

Day 1: Austin

Today is the first day of my 8 day road trip. I decided that I would take part in one cultural event, one historical event and one natural event everyday. My cultural event is Austin museum day. This event is a city wide event that let's you explore Austin's museums for free! I decided to go to a few museums to get the full affect.

For my historical event is going to the Capitol building. It took a lot of security to even get into the place but I'm glad I went. You could see pictures of many important Texan figures on the walls. And at the very top of the ceiling you could see a star. This Capitol is the largest Capitol in the US. And for the last of the day I went to my natural event. I decided to go to a national park to see nature. I went to the very calming McKinney national park. It was a very nice end to my day. And that was day 1.

Day 2: Corpus Christi

For the second day of my road trip I decided to go to Corpus Christi to experience at least one Texas beach. I decided I wanted to go to the Texas state aquarium. I really wanted to see dolphins so I went to the Dolphin Bay, room for dolphins. Their two dolphins are named Shadow and Kai. The second place in the aquarium went to was Otter Creek, because otters. Then I got to touch and feed the sting rays in the Sting Ray Lagoon.

The second place I went to was the Museum of Science and History to see some history about Corpus Christi. I first went to the exhibit that showed the colonial things Corpus Christi had to offer back then. It was very exciting.

To end the day on a good note I went to Mustang Beach. I did some shell finding and built some sand castles.

And that was day two.

Day 3: Fort Worth

For day three I'm here in Fort Worth. For my cultural event is going to the Fort Worth zoo. I wanted to see animals again today because why wouldn't you want to see animals. The zoo was very large and had a wide variety of animals. I was there for hours! I spent the most time at the giraffe part because giraffes are cool. And my historical event was going to the Fort Worth stock yards. The stockyards have a lot of fun things to do. They have many shops you can visit and restaurants you can eat at. But the main thing that draws people into the stockyards is the cattle that they drive through the town. It was a great historical and cultural experience.
To end the day I did my natural event. I went to the Pecan Valley park to explore a little. I decided to go mountain bike riding around here. Scary right? I can barely ride a bike normal but let's try this.
This is the end of day three

Day 4: Fredrickberg

So for day 4 I'm here in Fredericksburg.

Day 5: Amarillo

Today I'm in Amarillo for day 5. Today for a cultural experience I decided to go to an amusement park. The amusement park I'm going to is wonderland park. I went on a few of the thrill rides first like the Texas tornado and the hornet and the drop of fear. Then I went on some of the smaller rides because I'm very immature. And for my historical event I went to the Route 66 historic district. This is a collection of the most historical places in Amarillo. This is fun if you want to see all of the historical places in one area. For my natural event I went to the Palo Duro Canyon. This is a beautiful park filled with many different textured land. A great way to end the day.

And that was day 5.

Day 6: Lubbock

For my 6th day I'm in Lubbock. I started the day with my natural event this time. I decided to go to Buffalo Springs Lake. It's a place that's very people and nature friendly. People can swim and animals won't be bothered I wanted to go swimming early because then it will be a lot less crowed. And for my cultural event in Lubbock. I went to another amusement park. This one was better than the last one I went to because the rides were scarier.This place was called Joyland Amusement park. I went on a few like the Dare Devil Drop and The Galaxi Coaster before I decided to ride some more mellow rides. And for my historical event, I went to the National Ranching Heritage Center. This is a place were you can learn about the history of ranching. It shows the things people used for ranching and it lets you try ranching yourself. I wasn't that good at it but oh well. That was the end of day 6.

Day 7: El Paso

I'm in El Paso for day 7. I started my day with going to the Wyler Aerial Tramway. I went on the cable car to get a great look at all of El Paso's nature. But it was a great experience if you aren't afraid of heights. Going on a cable car. And since I was already there I went to the state park the cars took me over. And since I wasn't too bad at mountain bike riding I tried it again here. This was a much rougher terrain. Challenge accepted. My last event today was going to the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site. This place is considered historic because of how famous it's rock climbing is. I decided to see what all the hype is about and go rock climbing.
And that was day 7

Day 8: Fort Stockton

Today is my last day on this road trip and I decided to spend it in the city Fort Stockton. I've really enjoyed this road trip and seen things I never thought I would see. But anyways on to today. I went to the Old jail museum. This is actually the second jail built in this town. It was made in 1883 and rebuilt 1913. Many outlaws have been kept here. On the first floor, are several displays relating to the jail and the sheriff's who ran it. The jail itself is on the 2nd floor. This was interesting see to because you don't really get to look at that stuff you know? And for my historical event I went to Historic Fort Stockton. It shows some of the small historic forts from the days of settlers moving west. This is made of about 4 buildings and the old parade ground. Was active after the civil war and manned by the Buffalo Soldiers. Now for my last and finally event on this road trip is going to the Comanche springs pool. This place was built in 1938 over the Big Chief Springs., once the biggest springs system. This place is very peaceful and relaxing.

And that was the end of my road trip.

- Dillon Wilkins