Alberta Wildfire

Pray for Alberta!

Alberta Wildfire!

The Alberta Wildfire has caused thousands of evacuations around Alberta. It is so large that firefighters are not sure how to stop it. The fire is not man-made but is caused by climate change and is growing bigger due to convection and strong winds.The fire has believed to be started when lightning struck parts of the dry land and began to spreading rapidly on May 2. It is expected to burn for a few months unless something is done about it.

What is being done to help people of Fort McMurray and how can you help?

Some places, such as Edmonton has made their community centres shelters for evacuees. Also, the Municipal Affairs Minister has stated that the province has plans to help the evacuees by asking the public school boards to open up their doors to the children that have evacuated and no longer have a school.Other Provinces have also donated money to help the evacuees. You can help by donated money to RED CROSS RELIEF FUND.That has already donated 30 million dollars,

Possible solution

A possible solution would be to just hope that mother nature will give us a lot of rain so the fire dies out because the fire started due to the dry weather.