Happy 5 1/2 Birthday Jackson!

Tour Guide Dasan, August 2014

Here we come New York City!

We leave for the airport at 5:15 Sunday morning. We will get to New York just in time for lunch.

3 Nights and 4 days Celebrating Jackson!

  1. Take a taxi to our hotel at the Hilton in Rockefeller Center.
  2. Jump on the beds at the hotel.
  3. Eat lunch where ever Jackson wants to.
  4. Go to the Empire State building.
  5. Eat dinner in the Empire State building.
  6. Take a taxi to see Lion King.
  7. Back to hotel, look out and see New York as we sleep.
  8. Monday: Eat whatever Jackson wants for breakfast.
  9. Take a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.
  10. Go to Central Park and ride a carriage.
  11. Go back to Empire State building.
  12. Take the subway to Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees play!
  13. Sleep looking out at the city of New York.
  14. Tuesday: eat whatever Jackson wants for breakfast.
  15. Take a subway to Coney Island.
  16. Go to the Coney Island amusement park.
  17. Go to the Coney Island beach.
  18. Eat a Coney Island hot dog.
  19. Take the subway back to the hotel
  20. Sleep while looking out at New York City.
  21. Wednesday: eat whatever Jackson wants to eat.
  22. Do whatever Jackson wants to do!
  23. Have ice cream at Serendipity!
  24. Take train to airport. Fly home with lots of memories.
  25. We will get home about 9:00 that night and see Mom and Dad.

We love you Jackson Ryan Hill! Love, Dasan, Hillie and Poppie