Business & Computer Applications

5th Period, 2017-2018

Course Syllabus

Contact Information

Instructor: Mrs. Howser

Lesson Plans:


Phone: 406-842-5401ext. 129


Course Description

Business and Computer Applications is a required Freshmen level course at SHS. By taking Business & Computer Applications, students will learn how to use the computer as a business and personal tool through the use of application software including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher. Business & Computer Applications offers a Career unit using Montana Career Information Systems and a Digital Citizenship unit. Students in this course also learn how to properly use and care for their school provided laptops.
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Course Resources

Course Materials

  • Notebook
  • Basic Calculator (No Cell Phones)
  • Black or blue pens
  • 3 Ring Binder
  • Thumb Drive
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Optional: Personal Headphones

Grading Policies


Daily Work: 30%

Projects & Group Work: 20%

Exams: 20%

Bell Ringers & Quizzes: 20%

Participation: 10%

Grades will be updated weekly. Please check Infinite Campus regularly and feel free to ask me any questions that you might have about a particular grade

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Most work will be able to be completed in class if students use their time wisely.

If students do not complete work during class, in the time allotted, it will be assigned as homework so students can adhere to the determined deadlines.

It is important for students to have a thumb drive for homework as some assignments may require the use of a computer. Some assignments may also require internet access.


If you are absent, you are responsible for completing your makeup work. You have two days to make-up work. You also need to bring an admit slip from the high school office to class following the absence.

All make-up work will be placed in your class absent folder and your name will be written on any work you missed. It is your responsibility to ask me for help on your makeup work. This can be done before or after school.

If you know you are going to be absent beforehand, you should ask me for your makeup work in advance. Bring a sign-out sheet to class for me to fill out.

Late Work

All assigned work is due the following day unless otherwise announced. Late work will be handled as follows:

1 Day Late: 10% deduction

2 Days Late: 20% deduction

3 Days Late: 30% deduction

4 or More Days Late: Not Accepted

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Restroom Use

Students are responsible for using the restroom before class starts and during lunch.

Students may not leave class during instruction to use the restroom unless emergency situations occur.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices will be placed in the device holder in the front of the classroom every day when the students enter the room. If students refuse to do so, the following actions will be taken.

First offense: Student will turn the phone into the teacher until the end of class.

Second offense: Student will turn the phone into the teacher until the end of the day.

Third offense: Phone will be turned into the office and disciplinary actions will be taken.

Food & Beverages

Food and drinks are not allowed in the business lab. Students may bring a water bottle to class, but it must be placed away from the lab computers, on the opposite side of the classroom.

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