help with drugs

zachery smith

rebound center

if u go to this rebound center it will take 3 or 4 days to get u ready to go home.

they want to help people so their can be more people that do not do drugs.

most days u can stay is 28 days.

their not gonna watch over u 24 hours.

they had 1 year of practice so they do not hurt anybody.

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rebound substance center.

after they get the drug out of the person body they can watch for 2 days.

1 year in practice.

they off a 21 to 28 day rehab.

they say when a person is on bad drugs they probally do not have people on their back like we do.

you have to be 21 and over to go to the rehab center.


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outdoor rehab center

they let the person they helped go outside.

they help people that are 13 to 17.

they help u in 12 steps.

they show you how life can be without drugs.

when they believe its time for them to go home they go home.