Sports and games.

Made by Victoria Fedorova

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is swimming, because I think that swimming is very hard and it makes people stronger. Sometimes swimming may be beautiful. Swimming makes you healthy. Also it is my favourite sport because I like to swim very much.

My favourite game

Hide-and-seek is my favourite game. I like it because this game developes reaction, it makes you think faster and choose the right places to hide in. Sometimes when the Seeker finds the Hider, the Hider needs to run from the Seeker as fast as he or she can. In this situation this game makes you stronger and developes endurance.

My favourite team

Washington Capitals is not really MY favourite team: my father and brother like it very much. It is hockey team. Practically the best players play there. This team is very strong. Washington Capitals seldom lost a game. Watch the pictures below.

An athlete I admire

Julia Efimova is a russian swimmer. She took part in Olimpic Games of 2008 and came to finish 4th. She is a Sport Master of Russia. Julia is a Europe champion on “Long water”, and she has got lots of medals and rewards. Watch pictures below.