Year 1


Week 4

  • My apologies for being unable to attend the information session. A huge thank you to Mrs Potter for stepping in.

  • Thank you to the parents who have been able to share their time with the class. Sharpening pencils, listening to the children read, and helping them with their writing are just some of the tasks that need to be done every day.

  • There seems to be concern that there is too much homework. Just a reminder that the children are asked to read every night for just five minutes, to do one unit in their Maths mental book and one computer activity for the week. If this is still too much, home reading is the priority. Homework should be fun, not onerous for children or parents. Home reading should be easy. If your child doesn't sound fluent it means the book is too difficult. Reading levels will be reassessed to ensure that children are taking home books that they can read easily. This year the readers taken home are unfamiliar. This means the books haven't been read in class several times, as in Kindergarten, before being taken home. As with reading, some children are better at spelling than others. Accordingly, not all children will be required to learn all of the spelling words for the week. I will highlight the words needed to be learnt on individual homework sheets.

  • Sports uniforms can be worn on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Library will be on Thursdays.

  • Unfortunately due to technology problems, since Wednesday I have been unable to send photos of the children via Seesaw. Another issue has been the classroom interactive whiteboard. This hasn't worked at all this year. Hopefully a technician will be at school on Monday to rectify these issues.

  • The information from last Thursday has been added to the newsletter for those families who were unable to attend.

Regards, Kerrie

Year 1 Information

1P Parent Teacher Information

Thursday 11thFebruary, 2016

Welcome to Year 1

Students learn best when they are actively engaged in learning, through real life experiences that promote problem-solving skills. By encouraging and developing children’s self-esteem and confidence they will be happy and successful learners.

Support Teachers

Mrs Munn will teach the class on Thursday afternoons for Library and HSIE lessons.

Mrs Potter is the Learning and Support Teacher.

Mrs Hailey Morgan is the Reading Recovery Teacher.

The school counsellor is Mrs Jenny Cootes. She is available for appointments on Tuesday mornings.

Parent Helpers – parents are welcome at anytime. It is preferable that toddlers don’t accompany you to the lessons but there are some jobs that can be done prior or after class where they can be present eg. sharpening pencils.

Our School Day

Our day is broken into three learning sessions: 9 - 11, (Lunch 11 - 11.40), 11.40 - 1.25, (Fruito 1.25 – 1.45) and afternoon session 1.45 - 2.45. Although we only have two formal breaks for food/water in our school day, we do have a small break at 10am Crunch and Sip. Please consider this when packing the lunch boxes.

Crunch and Sip - This break is a time for the children to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and to drink water. We know that these two healthy habits help children to concentrate for longer. Being thirsty impairs concentration and children are invited to bring a water bottle to class which they may sip from during the day. Foods to bring:

· Fresh fruit cut into small pieces, placed in a bag or sealed container.

· All fresh vegetables- celery, carrot sticks, broccoli bits, baby tomatoes.

· Only plain water. If cold or frozen, they will need a cloth to sit it on.

Resources List

Students in Year 1 are provided with most resources and do not need a pencil case.

Students will require the following items:

· roll on sunscreen to be kept in student’s bag for application throughout the day

· a paint shirt to be kept at school

· a home reading folder (an example is an A4 plastic folder with a press stud) for readers and reading diaries. Readers can be changed on Mondays for the week and on Fridays for the weekend.

· a library bag, please bring each Monday, Thursday and Friday to help protect library and homework books.

· Please support our classroom supplies by sending in a box of tissues for sharing and

an antibacterial pump pack.


A weekly class newsletter will be emailed to parents. This will contain reminders, information and photos concerning our class.

The school newsletter will be sent home every fortnight.

Digital portfolios will show samples of daily work.

If you have questions or concerns please see me before or after school or email

Classroom management

Classroom management plays an important role in maintaining a balanced classroom, maximising students learning outcomes. Without rules, routines, guidelines and responsibilities students may become disruptive. Students’ misbehaviour may also be due to a lack of belonging in the classroom, therefore, it is the school’s aim to ensure every student feels valued within the classroom and the school environment.

Positive Reinforcement

Negative Consequences

· Verbal Praise

· Dojo Points

· Value awards

· Team work rewards such as table points, marble jar

As per the schools Welfare and Discipline Code

1. Verbal warning and name under orange not happy face.

2. Name under the red upset face.

3. Class Time-Out, completing the Behaviour Reflection Sheet

4. Students who often need placement in time out will have their parents contacted and placed on a level.

Consequence Sequence

The chart below refers to the consequence sequence that is implemented for students who continually exhibit poor behaviour choices.

Level 0: Green

All students start each term on this level

3 Warnings

Classroom Timeout

Reflection sent home to parents via email

Recorded in Sentral

Level 1: Yellow

3 x Minor Incidents Timeouts


1 x Major Incident Timeouts

Timeout Room

Level 1

1 Lunchtime

Students placed in Check In, Check Out.

Journal sent home to parents.

Level 2: Amber Warning of Suspension/ Formal Caution Issued

2 additional timeouts

Total: 5 x Minor Incidents Timeouts


2 x Major Incident Timeouts

Timeout Room

Level 2

3 Lunchtime

Meeting with teacher and executive. Journal sent home to parents. Individual behaviour plan implemented with teacher, parents and student.

Level 3: Red Suspension

2 additional timeouts

Total: 7 x Minor Incidents Timeouts


3 x Major Incident Timeouts

Timeout Room

Level 3


Resolution meeting when student returns

Fast and Frequent –


1. Teachers hand out Whaley’s to students for displaying expected behaviours (e.g. walking sensibly, good listening, playing nice). Students write their name on the ticket and enter it in the box located near the office.

2. At the end of the week a student is drawn out of the class draw at Friday’s assembly when the Whaley box is emptied into the school ‘target bin’. As the bin fills up, and certain levels are reached the entire school receives a reward.


1. Teachers hand out Class dojos to students displaying the expected behaviours of the school values.

2. Once the students receive the required amount they receive one SEA class award, which contributes to reaching their values awards.

- Ratios: K-2: 20 Class Dojos; 3-6: 10 Class Dojos

These ratios have been calculated due to the frequency given out in the classrooms.

Values Awards

· All students can earn Values awards for demonstrating the schools values; Show respect, Engaged in Learning and Act Responsibly.

· Values award are to be kept in the students awards books

· As students accumulate these awards they receive Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards.

o Bronze Award – 10 Certificates

o Silver Award – 20 Certificates

o Gold Award – 30 Certificates

o Platinum Awards – 40 Certificates

Whole School Awards

If students have been on Level 1, 2 or 3 they are not able to attend the end of term rewards day. This reward is to be determined by staff and in consultation with Student Representative Council.

Fitness and Sport - We do sport on Tuesdays and Fridays. Children need to wear sports uniform on these days. We also do fitness (20 minutes of physical activity) several times throughout the week. This does not require sports uniform.

Assembly – Monday morning 9am under the COLA for our weekly awards. Weeks 5 and 10 formal assemblies will held in the library at 9am.

Classroom Helpers - each week children have jobs in the classroom. These jobs will be rotated.

Homework Activities - There are a minimal number of spelling and numeracy activities to be completed each week. Additional activities may be completed for keen students. Mental Maths and homework books need to be returned for marking on Fridays.

Home Reading - Children need to bring their Home Reading diary and readers to school on Fridays. These books should be kept in a home reading container. Students should read orally to an adult for at least five minutes each day. They may read silently for longer. One entry should be made in their reading log for each day. Readers can also be taken home for weekend reading.

Speaking Tasks - These will be issued in advance. Students will need to prepare and present each week on their nominated day. These are attached at the bottom of this letter for Term 1.


Mrs Porter

























Units of Work




Term 1

The History of Toys


Physical Sciences

Road Safety

Cross Country

Fundamental Movement


Late Arrival

It is mandatory for children to arrive at school on time so they feel organised for the day. If you are running late it is the parent’s responsibility to contact the office to fill out a late note. Every teacher keeps a roll. This is marked as soon as the children enter the classroom. It is a legal requirement.

Child Absences

If your child is absent, a note is required. If you are going away on a holiday, a written letter highlighting dates needs to be approved by the principal.


The class is happy to help celebrate children’s birthdays. It is easier if individual cakes are supplied ie. cupcakes, muffins, doughnuts, lolly bags etc. Also be mindful that Coledale Public School is a nut free school,

so no food containing traces of nuts.

Lunch Orders - Lunch orders need to be placed on Wednesday, for Thursday lunch.

Money for Activities - All money needs to be sealed in a clearly marked envelope and dropped off at the foyer of the front office. At Coledale P.S. as part of our legal requirements and child protection policy we have a No note, No go policy.






Free choice.


Describe the pushes and pulls that make toys move. Find a toy at home that you can push or pull. Bring it to school to talk about.


Describe one way technology has changed the way children play.


Ask your Grandma, Grandpa or family friend how the house they lived in as a child is different to your house now. Retell the differences to the class.


Free choice.


Describe how something in our natural environment grows and changes. For example, a plant, animal or insect.


Look around your house to find some objects that float in water. Bring them to school to talk about why they float.


Free choice.


Share with the class your highlight of the term!



I look forward to working with you this year to support your child’s education and development.

Thank you.

Mrs Kerrie Porter