Some State Assessments Cancelled

Two Assessments Requested to Be Waived

Statewide Closures Prompt Changes in Testing Windows

As the State Board of Education recommended a "soft closure" of Idaho schools through the end of the school year, many state assessments have been adjusted, cancelled, or extended. Idaho's superintendent of public instruction is also requesting a broad waiver from the federal government which may allow for temporary flexibility on a variety of federal mandates, including assessments and accountability.

Current changes include:

  • AP Examinations - 45-Minute Assessment on Half-Year Content; Students Take Remotely - Updated schedule to be released April 3rd;
  • Civics Assessment - The Idaho State Board of Education has requested that the spring assessment be waived; Governor will act soon.
  • IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator for grades KG-03) - The Idaho State Board of Education has requested that the spring assessment be waived; Governor will act soon.
  • ISAT-ALT Science (grades 05, 07, and 10) - CANCELLED;
  • ISAT by Smarter Balanced (grades 03-08 and 10) - CANCELLED;
  • ISAT Science (grades 05, 08, and 11) - CANCELLED;
  • Learner Characteristic Inventory (LCI; required for those taking an alternate assessment) - CANCELLED;
  • SAT Schoolday (grade 11) - CANCELLED; There will not be a make-up date. The college entrance exam graduation requirement for the class of 2020 has been waived and reflected in educational milestones in Skyward. However, the college entrance exam requirement still exists for the class of 2021 (current Juniors).

What About Accountability?

The State Department is working with the US Department of Education to provide as much flexibility to schools during this time. Current guidance from the US Department of Education regarding assessment and accountability is found here:

  • The state recognizes that school closures and student absences during the test window may lead to an assessment participation rate below 95 percent. In such a case, the Department will seek a targeted one-year waiver for any impacted school.
  • State leadership is coordinating with the US Department of Education should we need to seek an accountability waiver for annual TSI and ATSI school identification.
  • State officials will address the three-year cycle for identifying schools for comprehensive support and improvement later this spring. Preliminary options include extending the identification cycle to 2022, but a final decision will be made in consultation with the State Board of Education, the US Department of Education and the Federal Programs Team.
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What About our District Formative/Interim Windows?

While we are currently in our March formative/interim assessment window, we recognize that many students may not have completed their assessments. We have temporarily turned off student access to the Civics, i-Ready, NWEA MAP Growth, IStation assessments. Students with instructional lessons are able to access those resources.

Upon return, we have planned that students will access the appropriate assessments during the new window of May 1-29, 2020 but will use them discretionarily. This affects the following assessments:

  • District Civics Assessment (grades 07-12)
  • i-Ready Mathematics Diagnostic (grades KG-08; excluding high school)
  • IStation (this is the official spring Idaho Reading Indicator; grades KG-05)
  • NWEA MAP Growth (high school equivalent mathematics)

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