MAIN Cause Of Death

Assassination of the dutch Franz Ferdinand and his duchess

Better Military , Stronger Power

Building strong militaries and becoming better is leading many world powers to take over the places they desire. Great Britain along with several other places are world powers at this moment. Watch out and be prepared , they might take you over next! Remember , this is important they are going crazy with power and there is no telling what they might do. As these military technologies advance there could be a scary unsatisfying future to come very soon.
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Alliances Are Life Saviors

Alliance Formations

With alliances and other countries help , they may be the only things that keep you alive in a horrifying war. Countries and organizations such as , Russia , France , and England are forming alliances for mutual benefits. So , make a life saving choice and form alliances today. Remember , your choices may keep you alive! "Live for something rather than die for them shtenkin' people" as said by the legendary war and incredibly awesome leader Littlejohn. Will you , make a life or death choice???

Imperialism Attacks

Who will dominate you? Run!!! Countries are taking over whomever they desire left and right. Guess what??? They don't care about your religion or cares they just want world power. So , if you don't want domination of your political , economic , and cultural life ... I suggest you figure something out.

Nationalism- Love Your Culture

People all over are nationalizing through loyalty to their cultures. Germany and Italy both nationalized and rose in unification. So , if you love your culture ... It sounds like nationalism is your thing. I'm her to tell you , don't let your fury boil , get up and be loyal.

Arch Duke And Duchess Assasinated! "Major Spark"

What will happen to the children of this duke and duchess???

It turns out MAIN was the main cause of their deaths. The Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his Duchess were assasinated , leaving their kids with nobody. With growing military powers for battle , strong alliances going against each other , everyone battling for domination through imperialism , and nationalism changing the way people thought ... things were about to get ugly. Serbia had had enough of Austria , their Arch Duke and Duchess were killed by and angry Serbian assassin.
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