Bentonite Clay


Putting Bentonite Clay To Best Use

The gifted practitioners of this age of modern medicine have developed and used Bentonite clay. Montmorillonite or Pascallite are among the different names you might hear if you point out Bentonite clay. This type of clay is basically made from a mixture of volcanic ash and water.

A popular form of use is creating a Bentonite Clay mask where it actually originated from Native Americans for the treatment of health disorders.It may even serve as a form of beauty regimen for many as it helps maintain the skins natural smoothness. Different kinds of Bentonite clay masks are distributed in the market today and you can choose from different varieties, even those which are home made. What variety you are using is not really the concern. Whats important is that you are knowledgeable of the content of the clay that you are using and you are making sure that this works well with your skin.

The consumption of Bentonite clay is amazingly one of the techniques that work for detoxification. It can help easily flush away those chemicals that have been harming our bodies for some years.Internal cleansing has been popular for centuries now and the use of clay has been similarly known to help deal with bodily problems, most especially in Africa, Australia and South America.

To give you a brief description of the material, it was found that two types of natural clay exist today. One of the two is the swelling type and the other is the non swelling type. You may know the swelling type as sodium bentonite which is usually used for work in the industrial setting such as sealing disposal systems, drilling mud and other uses that may include the presence of hazardous chemicals. You may find that most places in the southern part of the United States are rich in sodium bentonite.

The latter type would be Calcium Bentonite. Usually, this type is used by a lot of people in the mountains of the United States as medicine and most especially for cleansing or detoxification. China has also been known to produce such of clay.

Three forms of Bentonite can be found in the market today: capsules, gelatin and powdered.No matter what form it may be in, this product has been proven to have a big contribution regarding the detoxification process of the human body.

It is suggested that the intake of Bentonite should be in its liquid form and give at least an hour before taking in anything else just to make sure that it is effectively working. It works as some sort of vitamin supplement that would generally help you take care of your well-being. It is also understood that you might not get used to the taste at first and you might want to mix it up with other sauces, or syrup just to get in line with the regular dosage that you need. Recommended dosage would be 4 tablespoons daily.