March-ing Along!!

March 14-18

Public Service Announcements-- PSA

Recently, we made Public Service Announcements to end our Persuasive Unit. We researched and studied about whether zoos were good or bad for animals. Each student formed their own opinion after reading and researching. Last week we posted our persuasive essays. Then we made these PSA videos. We are really proud of our final videos. We hope you enjoy watching them!!

PSA by ZiRui

PSA by Jack

PSA by Michael

PSA by Gage

PSA by Christian

PSA by John

PSA-by Ben
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Medieval Times Trip by Ben

Last Friday, the 6th grade went to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst New Jersey. We went there because we are learning about medieval Europe in history class. My favorite part was seeing the horses and the falcon. We had lunch as we were watching the show, and we had to eat with our hands because back in the days in medieval Europe people ate with their hands. I’d like to go back some time with my mom.
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History Skits by Jack

This week in history we were given a task to write a script about the economy in medieval Europe. My group focused on the movement of money in agriculture. My role was a towns person, I bought bread from the baker to show how the money travels from people to business.

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More Skits- by John

Today in social studies we had to do a skit and it was really fun I was out and did not get to practice very much, but I actually did really well. I had so much fun. My skit was about how an architect loses his plans to build a cathedral and I was named Robin. This was really fun experience.
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Still More Skits by Gage

On Friday, the 6th grade students presented their Medieval Europe skits in history class. It was fun for all of us, because we wrote our script, and practiced our skits over and over. The topic for my skit was the black death. I was a peasant, and the narrator.

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Crispin by Michael

As Crispin was running, he noticed an abandoned church. In the church was a red bearded , fat man wearing colorful yet worn and faded clothes. On his head was a split hat with jingle bells attached. You would say he looked like a jester. As Crispin and the man exchanged conversation, Crispin asked for some bread because he was so hungry. The jolly man gave him bread under the condition Crispin would be his servant. We learned that the man’s name is “Bear”. The man’s real name is Orson Hrothgar, but people call him “Bear” because of his size and strength. He is an amazing ball juggler and travels from town to town to perform his skills. We are excited to read about the new adventure that Crispin and his new lord, “Bear” take together.

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The Lion King by ZiRui

This week everyone in the school saw the play Lion King JR . This musical is based on the movie The Lion King. It’s a story about a lion cub named Simba. He wants to become the king so he can do anything he wants. I was in the play and it was a lot of fun. It takes a lot of time and energy to make a perfect show. But after all it’s worth it.
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The Lion King by Christian

Yesterday I saw a preview of The Lion King for our school play. I thought the preview was funny and well acted. I liked it. I can't wait to see the the full thing. My favorite part was the music.