Santa Cruz long-toed salamander

Endangered Wetland Spices

Defination of wetland

They are transition zones where, the cycling of nutrients, and the energy of the sum meet produce a unique ecosystem characterized by hydrology, soils,and vegetation

How people can protect wetlands in their everyday lives?

State and local governments need to be encouraged to establish programs to effectively protect wetlands, especially inland wetlands, within their borders. Individual landowners and corporations own many of the nation's wetlands, they are in a key position to determine the fate of wetlands on their properties. Finally, all citizens, whether or not they own wetlands, can help protect wetlands by supporting wetlands conservation initiatives.


Though rarely seen above ground during the day, the long-toed salamander is western Montana’s most common salamander .The long-toed salamander found in Montana is the northern subspecies, known as krausei, and is also found in Idaho, southeastern British Columbia, and southwestern Alberta.