Long Distance Running/Cross Country

By Caden Horrocks


To first start training, you will need a route to run, suitable running clothes, and a water bottle. A watch is recommended to keep track of your time but is not required. First is the right clothes. The only thing to do is find comfortable, breathable shirts that allow you to sweat and cool off, these are easily found at a Dick's Sporting Goods. Next are the shoes. You can't get running shoes from let's say Walmart. You will need to be fitted for running shoes that are best for you. These will be found at a running store like the Running Well Store. Try and to avoid the cross country spikes for you won't need these, they will just slow you down. Now for a suitable route. To start you off, find a route that is at least a mile and a half long. Try and increase this distance by at the most half a mile a week. It is better to take it slowly, you should be able to talk to someone while you run. To prepare for a meet, you can bring a light snack, something to give you fuel but not sit in your stomach the entire race. An example of that is a Granola bar.