November 2016 Newletter

Kevin K. Coleman

Principal's News

Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to our online newsletter! We are so excited to be able to share all the wonderful things we are learning and the exciting events we are hosting this year at Coleman! We have been working very hard in establishing high expectations and instilling a love for learning among our students. We have begun to teach STEMScopes (science) in all grades and Eureka has been implemented among grades 3-5. Although it has been challenging our students have been very successful!

I am also excited to report that the HOUSE Color Spirit Day is going great! When the students dress in their HOUSE color they earn points for their class. It looks great in the cafeteria when the students are sitting at lunch. They look like a rainbow! Rock N' Roll Friday is a big hit too! The students are working together to create a safe and respectful lunch room where they can choose where to sit and learning how to be safe and responsible. Students are enjoying themselves!

I would like to remind families that the school day begins at 9:15 and ends at 3:00. Please drop your child/children off between 8:50 and 9:00 for breakfast. After that, there is not a lot of time left to eat. If a child is coming to school after 9:15 a parent must escort the child into the building and sign he/she in. Also, for pick up, I ask that families do not park in front of the building to allow busses and vans to park for pick up. We appreciate all your support!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Celeste Conti


We are off to a great start in Kindergarten this year! The children have been very busy learning the classroom routines, and curriculum material. In Language Arts they are working on identifying the letters and letter sounds and learning the high frequency words. They are also working on retelling familiar stories. In math, they are identifying and writing number 0-5, applying numbers to counting, and identifying positional relationships (above, below, beside) and understanding measurement of calendar time. In Science we have been working on our Weather Unit. We are amazed at the progress each child has made!

1st Gr.

We are having a great year in first grade. The children continue to work on solving word problems in math as well as practice their math facts through number bonds and sprints. In reading we are practicing how to retell a story with detail about the characters and events. The children are writing narratives. We continue to practice how to focus in on a topic and give four details about it. Our class is beginning to learn about the sun, moon, and the stars in science. We are also practicing letter formation as well as trick words in phonics. We continue to read Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines. The children really enjoy the articles in these magazines. We are having a very busy and fun year in first grade!

2nd GR.

Second grade wrote letters to veterans in honor of Veteran's day. We will be working on "How to" writing. In Science we will be conducting an experiment on "What Plants Need". In Math we will be finishing up the module on place value and beginning the module on using place value to solve addition and subtraction problems. For extra help in math, please check out the website:

3rd GR.

For the month of November, third grade will be learning about place value and problem solving using units of measure in math. In reading ,we will be starting our reading assessments for the trimester, hard to believe it is that time already! We are also excited to start our science unit on weather. The students will be learning about the impacts of natural hazards caused by weather. November is a short month but there is a lot of learning happening!


We have been very busy in room 14. We were able to start the year talking about respect, and that helped us to create our first place winning door "The RESPECT is strong with this class". We are getting used to Eureka math, and starting a unit on place value next. We have been studying about the election, and the job of the president. We are looking forward to our Social Studies unit on the United States flag and symbols.

4th Gr.

The Fourth grade has been working very hard on learning new concepts in Eureka Math. Mrs. Kucharski’s classroom has been solving multiplication problems using area models and partial product. Mrs. Palazzi’s classroom has been working on solving word problems using standard algorithms for addition and subtraction. Both fourth grades are excited to participate in Science experiments where the students will learn about the effects of weathering and the rate of erosion by wind or water!

5th GR.

Fifth Grade Students have been working very hard learning the standards. They are continuing with the Grade 5 Eureka Math curriculum. We are currently working on module 2 concepts and skills. Students are focusing on multiplying three and four digit numbers, as well as multi-step problem solving strategies. Students are encouraged to use their account for extra practice and to view a guided YouTube video for each homework assignment from


In Speech and Language class, Mrs. King's student's continue to work on learning new vocabulary and practice using complete sentences when conversing with others, as well as other skills. -Talk to your children about what you are doing at home such as when you are cooking. Tell them which steps you do first, second, etc and what kitchen tools you are using. -Talk to your children about fun things you did as a family together in the past. See how much they remember and help them fill in the words/parts they don't remember. **Remember you are your child's first teacher! *


Fun with Math Cooking Cooking is full of mathematical possibilities. Here are some important math concepts you can introduce to your child while you are cooking together. Estimating You are actually trying to estimate a measurement when you ask, "How big a pan do we need to roast this chicken?" Your child can help with this decision by comparing the chicken to several pans to select the one that is the best fit. Temperature Setting the oven temperature for baking is a good way to use big numbers in a useful way. The more familiar a variety of numbers becomes in real-life situations, the more meaningful they will be.


When you bake cookies or biscuits on a baking sheet, arrange them in orderly rows and columns. This sort of regular arrangement, called an array, is one example of a multiplication pattern and helps lay the groundwork for ideas of multiplication. For example, a 3-by-4 array has 12 members. There are 3 rows with 4 items in each row, which makes 12 items altogether (3 x 4 = 12). There are numerous opportunities to help children explore mathematics in everyday activities. Have fun discovering them because, as we all know, "Math is Everywhere!" Miss Maciejko Title 1 Math Teacher


As the weather turns colder and students begin to spend more time inside, it is the perfect time to curl up and read a great book form the Coleman Elementary Library!

In Mrs. Q Monday classes students in K-1 will be reviewing nursery rhymes this month then collaborating with Mrs. Peirce with an art project. Other grades will be listening to holiday stories and writing, while 5th grade will be working on book reports. Donations of gently used books, videos and DVDs are always welcome!


2016 Flu Clinic When: Monday, November 7, 2016 4-6:30 PM Where: Kevin K. Coleman 96 Second Ave. Woonsocket, RI 02895 Participants: Students, Staff/Faculty & Families (Ages 3+) How to Register for an After School Clinic Register online: or Fill out a consent form when you arrive at the clinic.

Social Worker

The Social Worker has started working in the 1st and 5th grade classrooms using the Second Step curriculum which focuses on helping students develop skills to get along with others, solve problems, manage emotions and succeed in school.
The 1st grade classes have been working on the four listening rules: "eyes are watching, ears are listening, voice is quiet and body is still." The 5th grade students have been discussing what empathy means and ways to show respect. Please keep a lookout for the homelinks that students are given after each lesson to bring home to discuss and practice with family