Anti Bullying

By Erika and Kaylin

Stop bullying

Bullying has become a very serious problem in our generation. Many people are doing everything they can to help stop bullying.

verbal bullying

Many of these children that are bullied are getting verbally bullied. These bullies would walk up to Innocent kids and start making fun of them and sometimes they would say some pretty hurtful stuff.


A lot of the bullying these days happen over the internet. People think its okay to hide behind their computer screen and bullying people because they are too afraid to say it to the persons face. Most of the time people aren't really a true bully they just try to act like it to be cool.


People may just verbally bully someone but sometimes they may become very physical. Sometimes these bullies will boss around the little kids and if they dont do what they say they may physically bully them. meaning they may punch or kick or


Bystanders are the people who basically just sit there and watch the bully beat up an innocent kid and they don't do anything about it. Bystanders are as guilty as the bully. Unless they say something to stop it from happening. Most of the time the bystanders just watch but the right thing to do is tell an adult or if there aren't any adults then they should bravely tell the bully to stop nicely.
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