Career Project by Daniel Han

Business Teacher


My primary personality color is orange, which means I'm eager, impactful, fraternal, optimistic, and generous. These characteristics affect my career choice as a business teacher because with my optimism, I can encourage students and teach them well with my impactful personality.
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Career Choices

Business teachers give students information about business administration and management, which include accounting, finance, human resource, labor, industrial relations, marketing, and operations research. Business teachers earn $74,090 each year. If a person wants to be a business teacher, he needs a master's or doctoral degree. The projected job growth is likely in the future.


To become a business teacher, I need a master's or doctoral degree. I can get degrees from The University of Texas at Austin. Tuition/Fees are $8,532.00. Tuition/Cost in-state, on campus is $21,912.00. Tuition/Cost out-state, on campus is $41,140.00. 29,501 people applicate for UT Austin, but only 44% of the applicants are admitted.

I chose a major in Business Administration and Management because when i become a business teacher, I can help student who want to be a business man.

The University of Texas at Austin


I think my career pay me enough money for my life style. Business teacher earn $74,090 each year. I want to use $65,078 each year. I will pay $1,261 for my housing. I will spend $970 for me which include food, clothes, personal things and entertainment. I will save 7% for income.