Awarness against Obesity

Created by: Ashlee Miller

Teen Obesity

Teen Obesity has been happening all around the world. Even at young ages obesity can start there and prgress along the way. Many things are "inspiring" kids at a young age like food commercials and jingles that can relate to food. At a young age kids don't realize what this food is doing to them. Yes, they are interesed in things with the food, like toys or video games or even play house. Kids want the thigns that come with the meal, not the acutal meal in general. Later in life with all that grease and fatty foods that can take a toll on life when you get older. There are a lot of thigns that can help prevent over weight kids and decrease the amount of obese teens in American and all over the world.


There are many different ways that you can prevent obesity at a young age. When your older you care more than when you would when your younger. When your younger you don't care really. When your younger you still might have baby fat considering what age you might be. When your younger, go to a park and run around and eat a least a couple of vegtables a day. Go for walks with your family as well. There are different groups for older kdis to join when obese. There is a advantge to that, you can become anonoymus and you won't have to deal with the embaressment of other children making fun of you for your weight.

Hurtful Words

A lot of people use some of the most hurtful words to kids that can become a problem. Some of the words can lower some kids selfesteem level. Some words like, fat can cause a big problem. Yes they might have a problem with their weight and yes they know that they need to do something about it but when calling someone a nasty name like that, that doesn't help them reach the goal of losing weight. These words can cause the kids to have more of an "addiction" to food and make them go to comfort food and this can cause them to become more over weight then they already are. People should encourge other people to motivated and active and to lose weight when dealing with a stituatuon like this one maybe. There are many things that you can do to help other with their problem. Why hurt them more?

Staying Active

Being active can be fun and easy for all ages. First, learn how to pace yourself with a friend or a family memember (whoever is willing to come along with you if you decided that you don't want to be alone). Each day you can make a new challange for you and each day you become a stronger and more better person. You will feel that a weight has lifted off your shoulders and you will feel great about getting active!