Wanted: Artemis

Izzy Glenn


Artemis, also known as Diana



Last Seen

Hunting in the woods and mountains

Actions and Crimes

  • Transforming her hunting companion, Actaeon, into a stag as punishment.
  • Possibly accidentally killing her hunting companion Orion
  • Tricked the Aloadai giants into killing each other
  • She and her brother Apollo teamed up to kill Niobe's children after she bragged about having more than their mother, and succeeded.

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Presumed Dangerous

She's a goddess that has amazing aim with her bow, and had severe punishments and revenge (example the death of Actaeon).


  • Her twin brother Apollo
  • Her mother Leto
  • Her father Zeus
  • Her (deceased) hunting partner Orion
  • Her choir
  • Her Nymphs

Additional Information

Artemis is the goddess of hunting, child-birth, wild animals, wilderness, and the moon. She is also the twin sister of Apollo, and assisted her mother in giving birth to him.