Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley

Xephos and Honeydew

The YouTube stars Simon and Lewis are notorious brit's that create gaming videos. They started off with WoW videos but are now best known for their Minecraft Videos. They also go to conventions and upload live videos of events such as Minecon, E3 and Gamescom. They have produced so much success in their play through videos that they are having a game created, with the main characters based on their game avatars. They have also done a podcast called The YogPod that has also produced great success.

About The Yogscast

The Yogscast is an organization that produces videos (primarily playthroughs) of various video games. It was founded by Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley with their first video released on YouTube on the 19th of July 2008.

Although the Yogscast initially gained popularity with their World of Warcraft videos, they are most famous for their coverage of Minecraft and claim to have played a large part in Minecraft's commercial success. At Gamescom 2011 the Yogscast promoted the Xperia PLAY with Minecraft: Pocket Edition in place of Notch (Markus Persson), creator of Minecraft, who was unable to attend in person.

The Yogscast has seven YouTube channels: BlueXephos, Yogscast2, YogscastSips, YogscastSjin, Yogscastlalna, YogscastRythian, and NilesyRocks. Their main YouTube channel was the first channel in the UK to reach 1 billion views, and as of January 2012 is the fourth most popular YouTube channel in the UK. The channel has over 2 million subscribers. The Yogscast also produces a podcast called the YoGPoD.