The Importance of Breakfast

And Guidelines for Smart Snacking

Top 3 healthy breakfasts

1.High-fiber granola bar and a ounce of skim milk 2. 1 small whole wheat bagel, 1 ounce reduced fat cheese 3.Omelet made with 1/2 egg substitute and 1/2 cup vegetables

Each one of these three breakfasts are considered healthy because they serve up a lot of protein and can start you off to a great day. It contains a lot of carbohydrates and can fill you up until lunch time.

5 healthy snacks

1.Grapes because they are full of vitamin C.

2.Applesauce because it is low in sodium

3.String cheese because it is only has 70 calories with 8 grams of proteins.

4.Greek yogurt because 40% of the calories comes from protein, high in calcium and can also help your digestive system

5.Oatmeal because it has high fiber, no cholesterol, whole grain, and has a good source of iron.