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This is our first attempt at a new communication tool. We rely too heavily on "word of mouth" at Sneakers, especially when it comes to talking to each other! Monthly staff meetings are great, but we need more. We are working at an incredibly fast pace, in a constantly changing environment. We need to get information to ALL of you in a more timely manner. Thanks for giving it a try!

Patio Set Up

Thank you for keeping an eye on the outdoor patio. It's a huge marketing tool for us; all the traffic going by sees a vibrant, fun place to be. Please make sure the umbrellas are open first thing in the morning, the plants are blooming and alive, and the area is clean. Bees have been a problem in the past, so it's important to clean the tables really well - bees love maple syrup. The road dust also makes the tables difficult to keep clean. At the end of the day, please make sure umbrellas are down -- AND PLEASE!!!! TAKE THE ROPES DOWN BETWEEN THE PLANTS. These ropes are mandated by the VT Department of Liquor Control, but they are a big hazard if left up in the evenings. People trip over them, knock our plants down & could get hurt.
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No Dishwasher?!

Our busiest time of year is upon us. Staying organized is critical - including the dish pit! Our hardworking Dishwashers do not arrive until 8am, so it is ALL of our responsibilities to keep that area under control in case there is a breakfast or early lunch rush. Please make sure the grits pot, and other morning dishes are done & the sink is filled so Servers can keep plates organized. SERVERS -- PLEASE don't dump & ditch. Please clean off the plates and place in the nice soapy water so food isn't stuck on them 2 hours later. Please also put glasses in the glass rack. Line Cooks, please do not head out for a break as you walk by pile of dishes ready to be washed. There's no reason for a dishwasher to arrive to a pile of dirty dishes with food still on them & glassware ready to topple over & to a broken glass mess. This time of year we need to be as prepared as possible for an unexpected line of people.

What Happened to our Spring Menu??

Well, it's now a Summer menu! Recipe testing is still in progress for the Spring/Summer Veggie Hash (possibly to have grit "croutons"), and the various summer side salads. Let us know if you have any menu suggestions (or typos that you've lived with for months now...)We expect to switch to the Summer menu after graduations - before June 1st.

Too Many Phone Calls, I Know.

The new phone system is in process - we are hoping to install this week! After dealing with endless online phone companies that were not a good fit for us, we've finally found a local company to walk us through setting up a new phone system and improving our internet set up. We will soon say good-bye to the bookshelf full of wires & equipment behind the bar - and have a fabulous voicemail system that (hopefully) takes care of those repeat phone calls on the weekends. They may even be able to help us with the Kitchen Radio system. Cross your fingers.

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