Teaching Diversity

Faculty and Staff Diveristy at Emory & Henry

Campus Diversity

As a student body, Emory & Henry College is a very diverse campus. At first glance, it seems like a welcoming community for people from all walks of life and racial backgrounds. However, there are some aspects of the college that can not be seen at first glance. The most important aspect is that the staff at Emory & Henry is predominately white. Only a small percentage of staff members are of a different ethnic background from Caucasian, and most of those professors are not even full time staff members (visiting professors). If E&H wants to broadcast the idea that it is a diverse campus, it should reflect that in its faculty and staff.

How Is This a Problem?

In education, students feel more comfortable when they have a mentor that they can look up to. For minority students, this can be a difficulty. When a school recruits and accepts a high number of ethnically diverse students but does not have a diverse staff, this can cause a student to feel as if they are outnumbered and put off by the fact that they do not see anyone they can relate to. This can cause a student to feel like they are unimportant because of the fact that they are of a different race. This sends them a message that they will not be successful, like their white professors. This is simply untrue. Anyone has the potential to be successful, but not having a role model to look up to can have disastrous effects on a students college career.

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How You Can Help

When combating systemic racism in a work place, it is important to remember that everyone who is a part of that environment can fix what is broken. In order to dismantle it, we must find it. The problem at this college is hiring. It seems that E&H is only interested in hiring white individuals. This is a problem and in order to fix it we must change how the administration handles its hiring. One thing you could do is talk to an administrator to convince them to change the system they work in, help communicate to students the need for a diverse staff of professors at Emory & Henry, and to overall try to point out the systemic issues of racism on our campus. If we can be the change, we can bring change!
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