What is a healthy relationship?

Know how to have a healthy relationship, get a look.

Speak Up Boyzzzz!!!

If you want to have an healthy relationship, you need to speak up. On a date you should be the one that start the conversation. You shouldn't a girl to start the conversation. That show them that you are really shy. Remember if you are shy don't show that you are, show that you are confident enough to talk with her.
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Respect other privacy

Remember when a girl want their personal time, give them sometime of their own. When they are hanging out with their friend, don't be there every single time, maybe they are having some girl secret with their friend. Also the most important thing that you need to remember, never read their diary instead if they let you. That is all their privacy stuff in there and if you read it that if not respectful. That is the two most important thing that I think is important.
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Understanding your girl

You need to understand your girlfriend enough to date her. You must know what she like to eat, what time do she normally sleep, when does she have the period... It's important because if she is having period than she might act angry, mad, and tired. You should understand and talk to her nicely. You shouldn't complement her when she is acting weird, so you must know that day and act nice to her.
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Make good on your word

This part mean that think before you say something to her. You can say the same meaning but the word you say must be careful. For example, if someone ask you for a piece of candy you don't said the word "no" , you must say "I'm sorry but this is my last piece and i am very hungry either, maybe next time i will give you one." It's the same meaning but the word you pronounce on the second one is better than the first one.

Share feelings with your partner

Sometime if both of you don't understand each other feelings much, then sit down and talk wit each other. Share your feelings with your partner and understand each other better. Maybe through that conversation, both of you ill understand each other better and treat each better, too.
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