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Twitter hashtag

Hi Everyone,

If you are on twitter, I would like to create a twitter hashtag as we work our way through the 40 book challenge this year. The hashtag will be #oesreads. I would love to know what you all are reading! I need some ideas on what to read next and you all are just the ones to help!! If you read a good book, give it a shout out on twitter. Maybe comment on why you like it? if you read it aloud in class comment how the students liked it? Or, include a link to the a review of the book? Maybe pass along a title that your students seem to enjoy reading. Just make sure you include the hashtag #oesreads in your tweet so we can follow along.

I'm excited to see what you all are reading!

Again, thank you for getting on board with the 40 book challenge. I know if the students see you reading they will be motivated to read too!