Adventure Awaits

Flour Bluff Elementary School

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

Dr. Nikol Youngberg, Principal

Welcome to a new school year!!!!! This is my 9th year as the proud principal of Flour Bluff Elementary School. I love my work with students, teachers, parents, and the community of Flour Bluff. I look forward to a wonderful and adventurous school year. Please let me know if you ever have any questions.

Positivity Project

We are excited to start the Postitivity Project at the Elementary School this year. This program introduces the Other People Matter Mindset and the 24 Character Traits for social emotional growth in our students. We hope you will embrace this with us and help enforce these traits at home as we cover them in school each week. Below you will find the calendar for the year, as well as, an introductory letter.
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Campus Safety Procedures

Our district has updated safety procedures for all school campuses. All staff are trained to handle emergency situations. The attachment below (Standard Response Protocol) outlines the 5 types of emergency placements: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter for a Hazard, and Hold. Elementary students will receive training and practice these procedures. In addition to these safety procedures, we are also required to have a monthly fire evacuation drills. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Youngberg or Mrs. Cristan.

Campus Visits and Volunteers

We love to have volunteers and parents as visitors on our campus, however for the safety of our students and staff ALL visitors (including parents we know) check in EVERYDAY with our Raptor system. This system will provide a BADGE and all visitors are required to have it on and visible at all times.


Please DO NOT drop off students earlier than 7:00 am. There is NO adult supervision until 7:00am.


If a student is being picked up early from school, identification is mandatory. Again, even if we recognize you, we will ALWAYS ask for your ID, verify that you are on the pick up form, and have you sign the child out.


Join Dr. Youngberg's Volunteer Remind Group Messaging below if you are interested in receiving text messages for volunteer opportunities at the Elementary.

Watch Dogs Launch

Wednesday, Sep. 25th, 6-7pm

Flour Bluff Elementary Cafeteria

We are looking for male role models to volunteer a day or two this year and be an Elementary WATCH DOG. If you are interested in learning more about Watch DOGS please attend. RSVP online or call Dr. Youngberg at 694-9599.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Mrs. Hoover, Curriculum Supervisor

*Some quick things to help promote effective study habits for a successful 2019-2020 school year.

*Choose a regular time and place for homework. It should be a quiet, comfortable location free from distractions. Stock it with school supplies such as paper, pencils, and a dictionary.

*Allow for some free time first. Many kids need to blow off steam after school by exercising or talking about their days. Many also head straight for a snack.

*Postpone screen time. Watching TV and playing video games are privileges that often take time away from priorities, including reading, homework, and chores. Save all screen time for after homework and studying.

*Encourage organization. Productive studying starts with a to-do list and/or a study plan.

Pay attention. Homework time is a chance for you to learn about your child. Does he excel at reading? Have trouble with spelling? Struggle with multiplication?

*Be supportive. Don’t ever do your child’s homework for him/her. But do stay nearby to supervise. It’s okay to answer questions and guide your child through problems. However, if he needs too much help, talk with his/her teacher.

*Practice Active Listening. It’s important for students to concentrate and avoid distractions when an instructor is presenting. Some tips to share with your child include: try concentrating on the main points being made, think about what the speaker is saying and pay attention to how things are said (gestures, tone of voice, etc.). They should avoid talking or thinking about problems when listening. If a teacher says, “This is important” or “I’ll write this on the board,” there’s a good chance student will see the concept again.

*Sleep Tight! Your brain needs time to digest all the information you've given it. Try to get a good night's sleep every night.

Mrs. Villarreal, Counselor

Welcome back to school! I am Veronica Villarreal, the Elementary School Counselor. I will be assisting students transition back to school and provide classroom guidance lessons. I am also available to meet with students individually on a wide range of concerns, including goal setting, family issues, grief and loss, and bully prevention/intervention. I will also have small group counseling to help students with conflict resolution, social skills training, test anxiety, and anger management.

This Month we will talk about RESPONSIBILITY. Being responsible means being reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. With each new grade level, we are met with new responsibilities and challenges. During this month, we will explore ways to be responsible for our homework and agendas, for our personal belongings, and for our safety and health. We will also discuss being responsible for our own actions and consequences. We will also review this month's P2 characteristics of teamwork and curiostity covered during the Positivity Project lessons

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Ms. Paxton, Military Counselor

  • DOD/Military Lunch Bunch is Wednesday September 5th for all DOD/Military students.

  • Please return the signed program letter that is being sent home if you are currently DOD or active military.

Mrs. Veronica Cristan, Assistant Principal

Dress Code Key to Success Tip: Learning how to plan ahead.
Have your child organize school dress code outfits for the following week over the weekend. Designate an area in the closet to hang the school outfits or designate a drawer in the child’s room (plastic bins work wonders as well).

Below you will find the basic Elementary dress code that must be followed every day.
Elementary Dress Code:
Flour Bluff Hornet Spirit Shirt (shirts available for purchase in the office)
Solid color Polo shirt (shirts must be long enough to prevent the midriff from showing while student raises his/her hand).
Pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and leggings must be in solid colors

    Pants/shorts may have solid colored stripe/piping down the side only
      Prints and multi-colors are not permitted
        Must be appropriately sized
        Appropriate shoes in order to participate

        PICK UP

        To expedite the pick-up process, we ask that everyone follow these few reminders:

        1. Cell phone usage is restricted in any school zone areas, this includes our parking lots while car pick-up lines are in motion.

        2. Car tags are to be hung on your mirror, visible to the parking lot monitor as you wait in the car pick-up line. If a car tag is NOT present in the vehicle, at the time of pickup, you will be required to park and go into the building to pick up your child. For the safety of your child, an I.D. will be required

        3. When joining the pick-up line, please go to the end of the line. Cutting off the car pick-up line will place your child’s number out of the numeric order that is taken by the parking lot attendant while parents are parked – please be courteous of other parents that were in line first.

        4. Any time that a parent/guardian changes the student’s transportation arrangement, the office must be notified by 2:30 p.m.

        As everyone gets accustomed to the pick-up process and procedures, we ask that you be patient, courteous, and vigilant while in the parking lot to maintain student, teacher, and parent safety. Our goal is to make pick-up as safe and efficient as possible – but this can only happen with your assistance.

        Nurse Cheryl


        Studies show that students who eat breakfast do much better in school compared to those who skip breakfast. Breakfast helps improve performance, concentration and provides extra energy needed throughout the day.

        By eating a nutritious breakfast each morning, your student will be more efficient in everything they do all day long. Parents, by providing healthy and well-balanced meals, you are helping with your student’s growth and development. Students are welcome to enjoy the FREE breakfast offered daily in the cafeteria from 7:00-7:45am if they don’t eat at home in the morning.

        Mrs. Browning, Librarian

        I am excited to welcome our students to the library this year. I will be starting classes soon, and can’t wait to take your child on a Reading Adventure!

        I am planning a bulletin board to share pictures of our students reading at home. When you “catch” your child reading, please take a picture of them and send it to me in the library. Remember: Readers Today—Leaders Tomorrow!

        We still collect Boxtops 4 Education labels. Students may still bring in clipped labels, but these labels are being phased out. The new labels give you an opportunity to scan your receipts using the Boxtop app, when you buy products with the new label. Be looking for a flier informing you of this change.

        I look forward to meeting you at our open house and book fair in October.

        Elementary Events for September

        Monday, 2nd Labor Day No School

        Tuesday-Thursday, 3-12 School Mall Fundraiser-The school only receives funds for completion of these mail out cards. The TEACHERS receive "school mall" money for items you purchase.

        Sunday-Saturday, 8-14 Positivity Project: Other People Matter Mindset Intro Week

        Tuesday, 10th 4th Grade Parent Orientation 6:00-6:30 in Classrooms, Learn Classroom Procedures & Expectations

        Wednesday, 11th, Patriot Day, Students may wear any school appropriate Red, White, Blue

        Thursday, 12th, 4th Grade Jazzy Bees Parent Meeting, Library 6:00-6:30

        Friday, 13th, International Dot Day, School Creativity Day

        Sunday-Saturday, 15-21, Positivity Project: Curiosity

        Tuesday, 17th, Constitution Day, Constitution Activities

        Thursday, 19th, Progress Reports go home

        Saturday, 21st, World Gratitude Day

        Sunday-Saturday, 22nd-28th, Positivity Project: Teamwork

        Monday, 23rd, Autumn Begins

        Wednesday, 25th, Watch Dog Launch, 6:00-7:00 Cafeteria

        Sunday-Saturday, 29th-Oct.5, Positivity Project: Open Mindedness

        Monday, 30th-Oct4th, First Six Weeks Testing Math
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        September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

        Gold is the color of Awareness.

        Students may wear Gold (or Yellow) on Fridays for the Month of September in Awareness.

        Dr. Younberg's "Adventure" time On Facebook Live

        Join Dr. Youngberg and guest readers on the PTO Facebook Page on Sunday evening at 7pm for a bedtime story adventure.
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        Open House

        Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 6-7pm

        2505 Waldron Road

        Corpus Christi, TX

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