February 2019

Reducing Problem Behaviors in General Education Settings & Collaborative Settings

Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 8:30am-3:30pm

500 Technology Way

Florence, KY

  • FBA process, functions of behavior
  • Research based teaching procedures
  • Gaining instructional control
  • Best practices of behavioral success in general education collaborative classroms
  • De-escalation strategies

Audience: Special Education and General Education Teachers in collaborative General Education classrooms


NKCES Members: $10.00

Non-Members: $100.00

Location: NKCES Professional Development Center

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Problem Behaviors in Preschool Classrooms

Friday, Feb. 8th, 8:30am-3:30pm

99 Center Street

Florence, KY

Creating behavioral success in early childhood classroom

  • Classwide strategies
  • Teaching rules and expectations
  • Allocating resources - paras and teachers working together
  • Individual behavior plan strategies (preference assessment, token boards, fading prompts, etc.)
  • Finding functions of the behavior with case studies


Members $10.00

Non-Members $100.00

Location: Ralph Rush

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School Behavioral Threat Assessments: An Introduction Train-the-Educator

Monday, Feb. 11th, 8am-4:30pm

1001 Vandalay Drive

Frankfort, KY

The Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistance (TA) Center, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education (ED), Office of Safe and Healthy Students (OSHS), is pleased to offer a one-day Train-the-Educator training designed to familiarize schools and school districts with school behavioral threat assessments in preventing and reducing targeted violence at K-12 schools. Topics covered include how a threat assessment team can be integrated into the broader framework of school safety, security, emergency management and preparedness put forth in the Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans (School Guide).

Training Description

As part of a comprehensive school emergency operations plan (school EOP), it is important for schools and school districts to understand how to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from critical incidents. This training introduces participants to various components of school behavioral threat assessments, which were originally put forth by the Safe School Initiative (SSI), alongside new information and guidance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as presented in the School Guide. Participants will learn about effective characteristics of threat assessments for consideration when forming their own approach and team. Specialized topics will also be addressed, such as the use of social media in threat assessments. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss concepts in small-group discussions and practice a basic threat assessment in a tabletop exercise.


  • district and school administrators, teachers, counselors, school psychologists, support staff, and additional staff who play a role in threat assessments and/or school safety, security, emergency management and preparedness;
  • community partners, such as law enforcement, including School Resource Officers, and local mental/behavioral health representatives; and
  • representatives from community groups, including youth-serving organizations.

Registration for this event closes on Monday, February 4, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Cost: Free

Location: Administrative Office of the Courts

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Intro to Project Based Learning Workshop

Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 9am-3pm

2376 Sir Barton Way

Lexington, KY

Discover how to create authentic learning experiences that empower and prepare students for the modern world.

All grade levels. All content areas. All technology backgrounds.

Discover how to design, plan, and deliver quality Project Based Learning units. Join us for a dynamic one day in-person event coupled with pre and post on-demand lessons and webinars.

Why PBL? Through PBL units, students are immersed in authentic learning experiences. Teachers can create opportunities for student voice and choice to enhance classroom culture with a sense of student ownership of learning. Extending impact beyond the classroom walls, PBL culminates in a public product that engages the community and drives purpose .

Through this workshop, participants will learn the basics of project based learning, receive hands-on guided practice, and leave with all the resources needed to support every step of the PBL process.

Included in this workshop:

  • Four on-demand pre-work lessons (introduce, brainstorm, and prepare)
  • One in-person full day training event (collaborate, develop, and design)
  • Three follow-up webinars (reflect, regroup, and re-align)
  • Comprehensive set of resources, including sample PBL units, planning templates, and rubrics


Individual Registration: $99 (Includes all pre and post on-demand lessons and webinars in addition to the in-person event)

P.O. Payable To:
eTechCampus, LLC
P.O. Box 634194
Cincinnati, OH 45263-4194

*Register 5 or more attendees and receive a 10% discount for all people in the group*

Location: American National University (ANU)

Visit http://edvergent.com/event-detail/517 for more information or to register.

Spring Semester Learning Lab - Principal Partnership Project (P3)

Wednesday, Feb. 13th, 9am-3pm

Willisburg Rd, Springfield Township, KY 40069

School administrators from across Kentucky are invited to attend P3’s Spring Semester Learning Lab at Washington County on February 13, 2019. Designed specifically for principals, the day will include authentic learning experiences that are designed to enhance observation skills while promoting reflective conversations.

A highlight of the day will be a focused classroom observation experience in a high school classroom and an elementary classroom.

As well, there will be many opportunities to network around timely topics that matter most to principals.

Tentative agenda:

1. Welcome and Introductions (9:00 A.M.)

2. The Opportunity Myth

3. Preparing to Observe

 A Focus on KFfT 3C: Engaging Students in Learning

 Basic Lesson Structure, work of Washington County

 Standard Deconstruction

4. Observing Classroom

5. Teacher Reflection

6. A Focus on Feedback

7. Hot Topic Round Table Discussions

8. Closing (3:00 P.M.)

*This training meets the “TRAINING IN EFFECTIVE OBSERVATION AND CONFERENCING TECHNIQUES” per 704 KAR 3:370 Kentucky Framework for Personnel Evaluation

Audience: All Kentucky Principals & Assistant Principals are invited to attend

Cost: FREE (EILA credit will be provided)

Location: Washington County Schools Learning Lab

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(SNAP) Student Numeracy Assessment Progression

Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 8:30am to Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 3:30pm

5516 East Alexandria Pike

Cold Spring, KY

Two full days of training:

  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Number Words & Numeral Identification
  • Structuring Addition & Subtraction Strategies

This training requires 2 teachers from your districts to attend. You and your partner will meet at your school on the morning of day 2 to administer the assessment tool to 2 of your students that have permission to be video taped for educational purposes. Each pair of teachers will analyze their video in the afternoon on day 2.

Each teacher will be responsible for verifying permission to video their student participant.

Audience: Special Education Teacher K-1


NKCES Members $20.00

Non-Members $40.00

Location: Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services

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Growing your PLN with Twitter

Thursday, Feb. 21st, 4-5:30pm

5516 East Alexandria Pike

Cold Spring, KY

Presenter: Amelia Brown

A wealth of relevant information is available at your fingertips TODAY! If you are a Twitter beginner, join us to get started! After a hands-on how-to-you will quickly connect with like-minded educators willing to share, connect, and grow on a global scale.

Audience: All educators in any capacity are welcome to join!!


NKCES Members: Free

Non-Members: $25.00

Location: Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services

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Dr. Gene Kerns Presentation

Thursday, Feb. 28th, 8:30am

99 Center Street

Florence, KY

Two Sessions:

8:30 am - 11:30 am - District Level Administrators

12:30 pm - 3:30 pm - Building Level Administrators

Educators help students build expertise. Despite their critical role in the overall process, many teachers are unaware of the research on how expertise is truly developed. Guided by the inaccurate folklore around talent we unconsciously limit the aspirations of our students and ourselves and fail to align our schools and classrooms for optimal growth. You can promote expertise systematically and consistently, and research documents this.

During this event we will review the research on world class performance with the particular goal of distilling it for educators. Specific topics examined in this interactive forum include:

  • · Essential research covering the 100-year span of the study of expert performance
  • · The actual role that genes and innate talent play in our overall success
  • · The qualities of “deliberate practice,” heralded as “the most powerful approach to learning that has yet been discovered”
  • · Powerful new insights deliberate practice within literacy drawn from The Reading Mind by Daniel Willingham
  • · Practical ideas on implementing the “science of expertise” in our schools and classroom
  • · Resources to support implementation including ideas from Mike Schmoker’s landmark work, Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Performance


NKCES Members Free

Non-Members $50.00

Location: Ralph Rush 99 Center Street Florence, KY 41042

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Kagan for English Language Learners

Tuesday, March 5th, 8:30am to Wednesday, March 6th, 3:45pm

500 Technology Way

Florence, KY

Workshop Highlights

  • Using cutting-edge structures that integrate language learning with academic success
  • put the best language acquisition research to practice in your classroom
  • Close the achievement gap for second language learners through proven, fun, motivating activities
  • Engage students who are at every stage of language learning
  • Create a safe environment in which budding language skills can flourish
  • Teach language skills in context using rich team and pair interactions
  • Lean how to manage your classroom to maximize success for your ELL students

For K-12 Educators


Day 1 & Day 2: $345.00

Day 1 only: $225.00

Day 2 only: $199

(You are unable to attend Day 2 unless you have attended the training for Day 1)

Location: Gateway Technical & Community College

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Special Education Boot Camp #2

Monday, March 11th, 8:30am-3:30pm

5516 East Alexandria Pike

Cold Spring, KY

Presenter: John Winslow

Best Practices for: Classroom Management, Scheduling, Data Collection, Accommodations/Modifications as Presented in the KAS/IEP Guidelines

This workshop is intended for those SPED teachers who attended Boot Camp #1 and/or those new SPED teachers who were unable to attend session Boot Camp #1 and whose roles are:

  • ASD
  • MSD
  • LD/Resourse
  • LD/Collaborative

This will be a hands on workshop with a make and take session provided.

This workshop will included a presentation of researched based practices, along with KAS and IEP information that will support students within special education and general education settings.


NKCES Members: Free

Non-Members: $25.00

Location: Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Education Services

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Regional PLCs

(all PLCs are held in the NKCES PD Room unless otherwise noted)

Arts & Humanities - 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

February 7, 2019

Instructional Coach - 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

February 12, 2019

NKY English Learners - 10:00 AM

February 15, 2019

Kenton County Public Library

Special Education Teachers - 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

February 20, 2019

Physical Education - 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

February 25, 2019


(all meetings are held in the NKCES PD Room unless otherwise noted)

Important Dates Calendar

RSP Advisory Board Meeting

February 5, 2019

NKCES, Meeting Room 1st floor

Grants Consortium

February 6, 2019

8:00 AM

NKCES, Meeting Room 1st floor

NKCES Board of Directors Meeting

February 13, 2019

Title I / II

February 15, 2019

PL Consortium

February 15, 2019

DoSE Meeting

February 22, 2019

Boone County Board of Education Building


March 1, 2019

Shareable Resources

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