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@TheSportInMind provide links to interesting topics mainly around Psychology in Sport. Below are a couple of links to their site and some have a lot of relevance to GCSE and BTEC Sport

How can Resilience be developed in sport?”

How can you use self talk and deliberate practice to improve performance?”

PE App of the Week

Weekly Recommended iPad App

VoiceThread - This App allows you to provide some verbal feedback over student work and links closely to the Literacy Tasks we have just completed using Coaches Eye. You can simply upload pictures, photos and video clips and provide text comments, verbal or video feedback regarding students work. Like wise could be used as an excellent peer assessment tool.

The blog below by @mat6453 shares ways in which VoiceThread can be used. Additional links a also available with regards to how to use the App

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PE tip of the day


“@studleyhighpe: @PE_TotD acquired this from @PEScholar great little lesson”


“@davisonpe: @PE_TotD Dev Javelin Tech.Balloons as targets.Differentiation=different colours,Progress=No. Ballons burst! #pegeeks”

Shot Putt:

“@PE_TotD: Shot Putt golf: been thinking about this one for a while. Set out throwing/safety lines. Mark Barnes'/Lsovskaya's WR. This can become par 3/4/5 depending on yr group. Do same with County standards/ESAA records etc. Then for added diff. give/let kids decide on a handicap beyond that create courses with water hazards, bunkers etc using blue/yellow cones. Stroke penalties for landing in a hazard. Be creative”

PE Challenge: sharing good practice

Over the next two weeks try a lesson idea that you have seen or be creative with your own and take pictures of the lesson and create a photo using one of the Apps recently shared to allow us to share good practice and innovative ideas across the department. Use PicCollage ,Comic Life or PicPostPlay and upload to the Dropbox

Using Padlet: collaborative learning

Padlet was formerly known as Wallwisher and it was something I tried using EDMODO but needed more work. The concept is that you pose a question or thought and students click on the link and post a response. This can also be done anonymously but definitely worth trying as a homework task or when you have the iPads in the lesson. Read the blog below from @mat6453

Numeracy in PE

Something that is important in promoting cross curricular skills and something that we probably do more than we think in PE. This link below again from @mat6453 shares ways in which we can explicitly promote Numeracy in PE. the link to his blog shares some innovative ideas that can be used specifically with so many of us teaching Athletics.