Social Media in the School Setting

Discussing the pros and cons of social media in education

Social Media in Education - Teaching Digital Natives

Social Media has expanded in leaps and bounds and this generation is immersed within it.

Choose to embrace or be left behind in the stone ages.
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Exploring the benefits of integrating social media into the education setting

Technology is where our students currently exist 24 hours, 7 days a week, integrating it into the school is inevitable. We have to choose whether we want to fight it or embrace its presence in the classroom. There are multiple reasons why it can help educators, a few of which are the following:
  1. Communication with parents
  2. Data collection-needs assessment, emails, etc.
  3. Homework/Project support via discussion boards
  4. Encouraging growth mindsets and critical thinking for assignments
  5. Research-expands the access of resources.

Cons or Challanges of Social Media in Education

Students may hesitate to share as much when they know their teachers are using social media. They feel they have a certain freedom or second identity when on other sites that allow them to be different, more confident, or more outgoing than their true personality. Some educators are fearful that incorporating media into the classroom because it can allow misuse of materials if the proper rules and guidelines are not followed.

Understanding as an educator the right time, type, and ways to incorporate the media into instruction. You have to be willing to get your elbows dirty and experiment with the media material out there before becoming comfortable using them in your classroom.
"How teens get in trouble on Facebook" (Social Media Safety) by @SafeSmartSocial

Looking at both perspectives gives you an objective outlook

Now you have seen how important it is to incorporate social media into our educational setting and become media savvy. How do you feel about social media in your classroom??
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