Pride and Prejudices


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Book review

Joshua Vizcaino

Mrs. Dearman

English IV

November 7, 2013

Book Review

Whether or not this book is the fitting book for the senior class of putnam city north depends on 3 factors. Students have to find an interest in what the book is either about or teaches morally. Students must find a personal relationship to the book to ensure the lesson is not “out of date”. and last the book must challenge the students in reading to better strengthen the students reading skills.

Book genres are just like the genres of movies action, drama, suspense, horror, etc. no class will have a genre favored by all so its tricky to find the book that will please the majority. Pride and Prejudice is more on the romantic/drama side than anything else, it is already difficult to find a book appealing to men, these two genres make it more difficult. Most of the material that deal with both death, love, personal discovery, and family struggle are a better balance in genres.

Death, love, personal discovery, and family struggles are all thing that a majority of teenagers have had to experience down the road. those are things a student should read about and be able to relate to easier. Pride and Prejudice is out of date. no teenager and young adult has to worry about marriage. it is a common thing to see a teenager/young adult wanting it and getting excited for marriage but it is no longer a necessity to do it.

Pride and Prejudice does indeed challenge students in reading. languages evolve and transform, reading books from a earlier time is proof english is not the same as just a few years back. book slike these do indeed help expand a student's vocab.

On these notes pride and prejudice is a 1 out of 3 book. giving it reason to be put on the “to read” list but not favored in my opinion.

Creative writing

Darcy: i don't like that Liz girl she aint good enough for me.

Elizabeth: omg did i really hear that?

Darcy: you will never catch these eyes lingering at that stuff

Elizabeth: i need to tweet this "Swearing off boys for life"

Darcy: hello Facebook! ''So are girls just getting uglier in this town or is it just me?"

Elizabeth: How rude! i am never speaking to him ever!