Important information from the PBIS and Social committee

Archie's Cardinal Club

This is our school-wide program to promote positive behavior. Here are some need to knows:

*Every staff member should be passing out cardinal compliments to students or classes who you see going above and beyond with their behavior. Please tell them why they are receiving the compliment.

* You cannot give your own class cardinal compliments.

* We will be using the yellow cardinal compliments again this year for dismissal. They will be available soon.

* Every class should start with Archie's nest hung outside their classroom. For every 50 points earned, the class earns another item on the nest. Individual compliments = 1 point and class compliments = 5 points. Please watch the video under staff training videos for more information.

* Assigning a student the job of keeping track of your cardinal compliment points would be a great classroom job.

Staff Cardinal Compliments!!!

Show your appreciation for one of your colleagues when they go above and beyond for you. Give them a staff cardinal compliment. When you recieve a staff cardinal compliment, place it in the jar in the student services suite for a chance to win a jeans day.

Cafeteria Procedures

Reminders about lunchtime:

* When classes are coming into the cafeteria, the classes that use the left hand serving line should use the middle aisle in between the two rows of staff tables.

* Students coming out of the serving line should be using the two aisles outside of the staff tables.

* Every class must have 10 minutes of red cup at the beginning of their eating time. This is for students to eat and not get distracted by talking. Classes cannot be punished with red cup the whole lunchtime or rewarded with green cup the whole lunchtime.

* Make sure your students prepare their tray before leaving the table to go to the trash. Silverware should be held under a thumb so it will not be thrown away.

* All students need to empty their trays on the right side of the trashcans. Please get them into the routine of using all of the cans and just not the first one.

* When your students are done throwing away their trash, please make sure the trashcan area is clean.

*You will be getting a cafeteria traffic flow map in your box soon.

WOOHOO Wednesdays - Staff Breakfast and Snack Fun

To give a little Wednesday cheer, we will be having a breakfast and snack sharing on a Wednesday every other month. Each day will be sponsored by several groups. The groups will be responsible for bringing in breakfast and/or snack items to share. Items should be spread out in the main office workroom, 1st grade hall workroom, and the workroom by the elevator. The food should be set up by 7:30 so it can be enjoyed before school starts.

October 1st - Kindergarten team, 3rd grade team, Connect team

December 3rd - 1st grade team, 4th grade team, Office Staff

February 4th - 2nd grade team, 5th grade team, and Teacher Assistants

April 15th - Instructional Support Staff, EC team, and Admin