Hot Springs, Arkansas INCENTIVE

lookout point lakeside inn

Lookout Point Lakeside Inn is an exceptional Arkansas bed and breakfast located in historic Hot Springs. The top 3 people/couples who earn this incentive will be joining Talyan and I alongside our good friends, newly pinned Emerald distributors Lance and Brittany Johnson from Mississippi, at this beautiful getaway for a weekend of fun and fellowship!

Qualification Requirements

This incentive is based on who has the most points!

  • 1 point per $1000 PGV.
  • 1 BONUS point per 3K during a pay period.
  • Points accumulate for 6 pay periods, but the PGV does not.
  • The first pay period is the only pay period that non-advisor volume will count for a distributor. After that, only advisor volume will be eligible for incentive!
  • Minimum of 18 points total, with at least 1 point per pay period in 2-6.
  • Top 3 people/couples with the most points win this incentive! (If you get 30+ points and are not in the top 3, we will find a way for you to go.)
  • Incentive closes November 20th.