Chess at 3

Early Childhood Chess

NYC Goddard School Featured on CBS

Preschoolers at the Goddard School on the Upper West Side are learning to play chess at the age of 3. Preschool owner and director Bill Swan believes this is a move that distinguishes itself from competitors and teaches his students valuable skills like time management, strategy, and thoughtfulness. Click here to read more about the story.

The Authority in Early Childhood Chess

The raw rules of chess are too abstract for 3-year olds to grasp. But Chess At 3 translates these diffucult rules into easy to comprehend stories. The stories give reasons why rules in chess exist. For example, Kings don't move one square at a time, they move slow. One King moves slow because his belly is so big, and one moves slow because he's afraid of everything. Children are able to follow these memorable stories, and without knowing it, start to play and love chess.

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