Month in Review

January was a busy month! We had a lot of fun and learned so much about cooking! We learned about recipes, measuring, making a shopping list and the changes that occur in cooking. We learned about solids, liquids and gases. Students helped make homemade chicken noodle soup, jello and eggs in a basket. The students really enjoyed chopping, peeling and shredding vegetables. Our classroom smelled wonderful! Our students practiced using several kitchen appliances and setting the time on the stove. Students learned about balance and living a balanced life.

Stomp the Bullying

The entire school attended an anti-bullying assembly at the beginning of January. Elec Simon was a member of Stomp and now uses his talents to inspire and motivate students. He is dedicated to erasing bullying from schools. He uses music and personal stories to connect with the students and encouraged them to "believe in yourself" and "never give up" important messages for everyone to hear! Elec Simon can be found on Facebook and Youtube.

ROAD Update

Our dance class is going very well! Students have learned their opening and closing numbers. They will begin learning their class dance in the next few weeks. We were sad to say goodbye to Miss A, but wish her luck on her new full time position. We welcomed Miss Melissa and are excited to have her here with us!

Student of the Month

Kierra Farr

Kierra demonstrates our January character trait of Balanced. She enjoys participating in a variety of activities at school and at home. She has recently been trying new foods to help balance her plate at lunchtime and during foodie Friday. Kierra understands the importance of balancing physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of life.

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February Curriculum

This month's Unique topic is American Peacekeeper. Students will learn about important people in history and how they helped make America a better place. We will be focusing on reflective and open minded for our IB character traits this month. Students will also enjoy several weeks of bowling.

Upcoming Events

Feb 2 - Bowling

Feb 9 - Bowling

Feb 15 - No School

Feb 16 - Bowling

Feb 19 - Family Night (reading)

March 1 - Bowling

March 8 - Bowling