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March Team Newsletter

March Madness!!!

Have you heard the news? You can earn a TON of free jewelry this month! Just book and sell & book and sell some more! Also think about personal shopping (weddings are coming!), helping get Mother's Day shopping completed, and maybe even an online show to help a friend fund raise for an upcoming race!

March is also a great month to Sponsor! Signing up this month and getting a couple shows in by the end of the month would give your new stylist even more free jewelry and give you $100 when she hits her Book & Sell award. Pretty Fabulous for Both of You!

Be Sure to Join me TONIGHT (Monday, March 4) at 9 Pm for a Special Sponsoring Call!

My good friend and sponsoring-queen Rachel Schwemmer will give us the scoop on how she sponsors an average of 3-4 people a month - and supports them to go on and qualify!
passcode 763811


Erin Perkins - SENIOR STYLIST!!!!


Lauren Sigler $9,890.00
Erin Kruse Perkins $5,453.00
Sheree Simon Dinkel $2,980.00
Sara Kerr Archer $2,327.00
Heather L Humphrey $2,233.00
Jessica Orso $1,933.00
Willow Wright $1,694.00
Kate Guesman $1,414.00
Melissa Rice Campbell $1,356.00
Kelly Gaffney Whalen $1,209.00
Anna Orso Gryskevich $1,208.00

New Qualified Stylists

Lauren Sigler 1

Bootcamps are Still Happening!!

I'll be in Baltimore on March 16 to get revved up for Spring and Summer with the fabulous Danielle Redner! Join me!
There are so many bootcamps going on all over the country - be sure to check out the Basics Bootcamp feature in the Lounge.
You will get SO much out of being with other stylists and learning from each other.


Just trust me, if you want to make something out of your business, you CANNOT afford to miss Hoopla! Plus who doesn't want $300 in free products in an awesome swag bag? This experience is game-changing for everyone who goes, and it's just a TON of fun. Join us!!!!

A little note from me...

Sometimes I have trouble articulating what it means to me to have found stella & dot. The possibilities with this company are endless, and we are all here in the beginning. This is such a very young company with such amazing opportunity ahead of it. When you see what is coming in April, you'll be blown away.
I truly hope each of you realizes that with just a few dedicated hours each week, you CAN have what you want from stella & dot. Want more? Then you'll want to put in more hours - but trust me - what you put in, you'll get back.
You just need to know WHY you are doing this - what are you after? What's making you get off the couch and make the calls? What's making you put some earnings away for a babysitter? What's making you step into your fear and use that 20 seconds of courage?
Whatever it is, make it big enough to make you reach, and then go for it! Let me, or your sponsor know what support you need - and we'll get it for you!

team stella nation

lead by star stylist, lauren sigler