Bucket List

Jordan MacMaster - For Co Op

1 - Graduate from High School

2 - Do significant undergraduate research

I want to make a difference in my field of choice before earning anything other than a high school diploma.

3 - Get an Undergraduate Degree

4 - Get a Graduate Degree

Honestly, it's only after getting my PhD that I turn into an actual person in the eyes of the scientific community,

5 - Go Skydiving

My father has been promising to take me since my 16th birthday. He has his license and goes regularly. I still have never been.

6 - See The Northern Lights

As an astrophysics major, I just happen to enjoy the science that is behind the northern lights. That, and they're beautiful.

7 - Publish a book

Similar to Brian Greene, I love talking about my passion, and I would like nothing more than to inform others as well.

8 - Become a certified sommelier

9 - Finally learn to play guitar

10 - Go on a road trip to Canada