Petrova Elementary School

April 2021


Mr. Bryan Munn, Petrova Elementary Principal

Mrs. Katie Laba, Petrova Elementary Dean of Students

OFFICE: 518-891-4221

BUS GARAGE: 518-891-2859

IT HELP DESK: 518-897-1608

Bus Schedules:

Lunch Menu:

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Dear Petrova Family,

It is unbelievable that it is April, and we remain amazed with everyone's support as we navigate through this year. We continue to be amazed by our students, staff, and families. Thank you!

As we come back from spring break, here are some reminders:

-Please continue to send in your child's winter clothing. They will continue to need it until there is no more snow on the ground. The weather continues to change and be inconsistent. It can also be very muddy!

-Please call the office at 518-891-4221 if your child is going to be absent for the day. Please provide the reason for their absence. Students are not able to go from remote to in person. They need to choose one or the other instructional methods.

-Please consider clearing out your voicemail on your phone. Many times the office attempts to call and leave a message and are unable due to voicemail that is not set up, or is full.

As always, reach out if you need anything or have any questions!

April Dates

March 29-April 9th

NO SCHOOL Spring Break

April 12th-Return to In Person Instruction

April 13th-STEAM Club

April 14th-Chess Club

April 15th-


Petrova Parent's Club 6:30 p.m.

Google Meet:

April 20-22 ELA State Tests

April 20th-STEAM CLUB

April 21st-Chess Club

April 21st-Art Club

April 22nd-STEAM Club

April 27th-STEAM CLUB

April 28th-Chess Club

April 29th-STEAM Club

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A Note From Mrs. Pelletieri; School Nurse

Happy Spring!

With spring comes seasonal allergies for many of our students. Just a reminder that due to the current Covid 19 regulations, students are not allowed to attend in person learning if they are exhibiting signs/symptoms that are on the Covid 19 list of symptoms (such as a runny nose, congestion). Likewise, we are required to send a child home from school if he/she shows these signs/symptoms at school. Knowing that allergies present with many of these same symptoms, we recommend taking appropriate steps or reaching out to your child’s doctor to discuss ways to control their seasonal allergies. Thank you.

Kindergarten/UPK Registration Information

Thank you Rotary Club of Saranac Lake

The students and staff of Petrova Elementary would like to thank the Rotary Club of Saranac Lake for their generosity again this year! Each student was gifted a beautiful book on March 2nd, which is also Read Across America Day! The students were extremely excited to be gifted a new book. Thank you Rotary!

Here is the link to our thank you video!

Remote/In Person Instruction

Students who are currently remote need to wait for the 5 week marks to return to in person instruction. The next two transition points are April 12th and then May 17th. Those are the days when remote students may return to in person. If your child plans on returning, please email Mrs. Laba at or contact her via DOJO.

Students who are in person are not able to pick and choose daily from in person to remote. If you are choosing in person instruction, the student needs to remain in person or if they go remote at all, then only return on the 5 week mark. This is not a daily decision to whether or not your student will be remote for the day. In person students should be--in person.

Thank you for your understanding.

A Note From Mrs. Moore; Art

With the help of the Saranac Lake Young Arts Association, we are able to provide an assortment of basic art supplies to each K-5 student at Petrova and Bloomingdale.

These supplies will come home with students any day prior to Spring Break. Our hope is that students can create artwork independently, or use any of the assignments posted to my faculty website (this web address is on each envelope). Thank you!

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