The Muscular System


Smooth (visceral) muscle

The first structure in the muscular system is the visceral muscle, found in the digestive system. It contracts organs to move substances through organ.

Cardiac muscle

The cardiac muscle is found in the heart. this is one of the structures that keeps your heart pumping.

Skeletal muscle

The skeletal muscle controls all physical actions, like running, walking, and writing

pictures of the structures

Major Functions

Our muscles control movement, maintain posture, circulate blood, and move substances throughout the body.

Problems with the System (Diseases)

Inflammatory Myopathies

This disease weakens and wastes your muscles progressively in the skeletal system.


A disease caused by a skin rash.

Body myositis

A disease that weakens our muscles

Neuromuscular junction

This is the main disease in the muscular system. Its effects are weakness of the skeletal muscle.

cooperating with other system

  • We have smooth muscles that help line our digestive system and help food move food through our intestines
  • smooth muscles surround blood and our immune system (lymph)