New York is one of the thirteen colonies and their is a lot of amazing fun things to do.
this is a video of Niagara falls and if you look closely you can see that the people on the boat are whering ponchos so you don't get wet the ponchos are free every body loves free stuff well that's another reason you should come to New York
Niagara Falls New York
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New York Yankeys stadeum

they are a baseball team that the one and only famous Babe Ruth played on that team and it is also my favorite baseball team so you should definitely go there

Niagra Falls New York

this is a picture of Niagara Falls you probably didn't know that there was one after that video. At night the falls light up in beautiful colors
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Monroe is a county that has a zoo in it, it has a bunch of animals in the zoo. in some pet stores thy have animals just rome the pet store. It is the same for the zoo but the animals have to be trained to do so
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J.m. Mc Donald sports center

This is a fun place to go ice skating, and I know because I have been there before and it is always good to get a review from some won who when't their before
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thanks for tunning in.

and now I hope you all really want to go to New York because that is not all of the fun things they have for us but you need to find out those places yourself.
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bye for me and hello to you going to New York.
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Galaxy :)

you can see New York from a Galaxy far far away.