Staff Memo

Feb. 16, 2014

Try Engineering!

Love Ninja Strategy

You must read the article that I have linked below. Here is an excerpt. Consider it a trailer to niggle at you so you want to read the whole article.

"I think that this is the most brilliant Love Ninja strategy I have ever encountered. It’s like taking an X-ray of a classroom to see beneath the surface of things and into the hearts of students. It is like mining for gold."


I received an email from Dr. Niedermeyer this week. It said, "In the rare case of a retention, I have attached the necessary documents." One word stuck out to me - rare.

Soon it will be time for Melissa to send out info about retention should you have a student you are deeply concerned about. This child is one who should have already been identified as a Student of Concern. Please note that retention is a rare case. We should have many other strategies we use to support a child before we get to retention.

Budget Committee meetings

The good news (and I am looking for good news) is that I am done meeting with the Budget Committee. We met several days when school was cancelled due to weather and were able to finish early.

While there is much I can't share with you, I can share that teacher/nurse/librarian supply budgets are being reduced. This will impact ordering for the spring, fall, and into the future until funds become more plentiful.

Beth will be getting information to you about how much money you have. Please be prudent in spending as you'll find you have about half of what you had in the past. I know this is disappointing, but the committee tried to stay as far away from staff cuts as possible so things like supplies got cut.

At our April 11 8:00 AM Staff Meeting, Dr. Smith and Mike Reuter will be here to share about budget cuts. At this point in time, the committee only made recommendations to Dr. Smith who has the final say. I do not know what he is recommending.

All of this being said, we will persevere amid budget cuts. We have much to be thankful for and will find ways to support our students regardless of budget cuts.

Looking Ahead

Monday, Feb. 17 No School

Tuesday, Feb. 18 Day 3

  • Pledge - Mitchell
  • No collab scheduled since this was a Flex day

Wednesday, Feb. 19 Day 4

  • 8:00 RtI meeting
  • 1:00-3:00 El principals' mtg at CRE
  • 3:10 Data collab - Team 4
  • 3:45 Hump Day Chocolate Bar courtesy of the Social Committee

Thursday, Feb. 20 Day 1

  • 8:00 Office meeting
  • 3:10 Data Collab - Team K

Friday, Feb. 21 Day 2

  • $1 Hat Day
  • 8:00 Discussion
  • 1:35 Fire Drill RESCHEDULED for Tuesday, Feb. 25
  • 3:10 Data Collab - Team 1

Monday, Feb. 24 Day 1

  • Pledge - Knouse
  • 3:10 Data Collab - Team 2
  • 4:00 Math Workshop Study Group with Katherine

Tuesday, Feb. 25 Day 2

  • 7:30 Learning Leadership Team
  • 3:00 Extreme Weather Fire Drill
  • 3:10 Data Collab - Team 3
  • 4:00 Math Workshop Study Group with Katherine

Wednesday, Feb. 26 Day 3

  • 8:00 Office meeting
  • 3:10 Data Collab - Team 4
  • 6:30-7:30 Family Engineering Night in the gym and cafe

Thursday, Feb. 27 Day 4

  • 7:45 RtI meeting
  • 3:10 Collab - Team K
  • Math Bowl

Friday, Feb. 28 Day 1

  • Retro Day - Celebrate the Sock Hop by wearing clothes from the 50-80's
  • 10:00-11:00 Math/ELA Focus Group - Lisa gone to CO
  • 3:10 Collab - Team 1