Siri...Your Personal Assistant!

Utilizing Siri to Make Life Easier...One Task at a Time

Hey Siri!

Activate "Hey, Siri" so that she is ready to listen to your commands and allow you to be hands-free when driving or busy working. You can speak to Siri without pressing the home button by saying "Hey Siri" anytime!

To activate Hey Siri: Settings > Siri > Turn on Allow "Hey Siri"

*iPhone 6 and previous models need to be plugged in to a power source in order to respond to Hey Siri.

Hey Siri

Launch an App

No need to scroll through looking for an app, just ask Siri to "Launch Outlook"!


Siri can do math! She can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Siri can also convert measurements for those holiday recipes.

What to say: "Hey Siri, what is a 25% tip on $54.00?"

You can even ask it to "Graph X squared plus two".


This is a busy time of the year and you don't want to forget anything! Ask Siri to remind you of something once you think of it and she will remind you as needed.

What to say: "Hey Siri, remind me today at 4:00 pm to buy my Secret Santa gift".


Are you busy cooking and your hands are too dirty to set a timer!? No problem, tell Siri to set a timer.

What to say: "Hey Siri, set a timer for 20 minutes".

Create Events

Your little helper will add events to your calendar. Whether it is an assignment due, deadline, or a company holiday party, ask Siri to add it to your calendar so that you do not forget! If it is overlapping with another event, Siri will inform you and confirm that you still want to add it to your calendar.

What to say: "Hey Siri, add (event name) to my calendar for (date) and (time)".

Decision Maker

If you can't choose who will start the family game first or who will need to wash the dishes...ask Siri to flip a coin or roll a die!

What to say: "Hey Siri, flip a coin" or "Hey Siri, roll a die with 6 sides"

Weather Forecast

Be prepared for that outdoor family gathering and ask Siri for the forecast or how the weather will be that day.

What to say: "Hey Siri, what's the temperature outside?" or "Hey Siri, what is the weather forecast?"


No need to break out the encyclopedia or open Google to research something...simply as Siri! She will even read the information to you.

What to say: "Hey Siri, what/when is __________?"

Set An Alarm

Perhaps you need a quick little nap or you need to wake up at a different time than usual, simply ask Siri to set an alarm for you.

What to say: "Hey Siri, set an alarm for tomorrow at 5:00 am."

Spelling and Definitions

You are better off "safe than sorry" when it comes to spelling and knowing the definition of a word; so, when it doubt, ask Siri!

What to say: "Hey Siri, how do you spell ______?" or "Hey Siri, define ________".


If you are feeling a little down and you would like Siri tell you a joke or call you "The Greatest One", simply ask her to do so!

Change Siri Voice Preferences

You can change Siri to an American, Australian, British, male or female voice.

Settings > Siri > Siri Voice

"Ok Google" For Android Users

If you are an Android user, try "Ok Google" voice search and actions. Click the link below for actions that are available through Ok Google.