Books & Bikes

Reading makes you a WINNER!

Earn those "Got Caught Reading" Tickets

Would you like your students to have a chance to win free books and free bicycles? Encourage them to read when they have free time during the day. Our administrators and support staff have a stack of "Got Caught Reading" tickets to hand out. When your students earn these tickets, be sure to have them write their first and last name as well as your room number on the ticket. Return the ticket to the LMC and put in the blue bucket. Drawings will be held weekly until the end of school. Our first drawing will be held Friday, April 24th and continue each Friday until the last week of school. Each week, two bicycles as well as some books will be given out.

Books & Bikes

Friday, April 24th, 8am

1925 Marvell Drive

Houston, TX

Elizabeth Hensley, Information Literacy Specialist