Battle of the Fans

Let's find Australiaʼs most-wanted live music events!

We want to hear from Australiaʼs biggest music fans!

Itʼs a competition created to remind the live music industry about the power of democracy.

Australiaʼs music fanatics can have their voice heard with the launch of Battle of the Fans -

a month-long, peopleʼs choice competition to find Australiaʼs most-wanted live music


Designed to engage and empower both fans and artists, Battle of the Fans invites

individuals to propose and campaign for their dream event: one artist at one location.

How does one battle?

Simple! Just join the battle at and search for your dream gig.

If its not there, propose it!

Participantsʼ event proposals are submitted and opened to public voting. Fans are

encouraged to campaign for their gig to drum up support from other fans, with weekly

prizes awarded to the biggest campaigners.

At the competitionʼs close, the most popular artists will be invited to make the proposed

events a reality.