Jackie Robinson: An American Hero

By: Ian Propes

Jackie Robinson was not just best known for being the first black man to play major league baseball, he was known for breaking racial barriers and tensions. (Lorber). "Jackie Robinson broke down the racial barriers in professional baseball by serving as the first African-American ever to play in the league." (Lorber).
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Getting through the world

Robinson was a legacy to the baseball world, and still is, but he had to deal with being black on and off the field. For awhile, people would do things like threat him and his family, and at times even trash his house. (Lorber). "Jackie Robinson faced a lot of racial discrimination. However, that did not stop him from playing baseball." (Lorber). He never quit even when he was thinking about it. He didn't want to let his family down, or the people that believed in him.
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Letting Go Wasn't An Option

Jackie was very optimistic. He was resilient because he never quit. He showed people in this world that blacks can do what whites do.
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Military wasn't any better

Robinson's struggles didn't get any better when he served in the military, it actually got worse. (Krase). "While serving, he was threatened with court-martial, which he eventually got beat, for not getting up and moving to the back of the bus." (Krase).
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First again

Robinson wasn't just first at baseball. (Obias). "He was first at being the first black TV sports analyst." (Obias). When that happened people really started to understand the concept of how the world is gonna be, and how they are gonna have to deal with it. He showed the world that he wasn't gonna quit and that he was gonna accomplish his goals, even after people beat him mentally, and physically.
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Jackie Robinson Resilience