Henry Ford

by Justine Schulz

Biography of Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in a small city near Dearborn, Michigan. As a young child he was given a pocket watch from his father. He took it apart and reassembled it. His small town was impressed, so everybody requested that he would fix their pocket watches to. When we became older he worked at Edison Illuminating Company. He was a night engineer. In 1893 thanks to his natural craftsmanship he was given a job as chief engineer. When Henry wasn't working he would work on his plan of a horseless carriage.

Finally in 1899 Henry resigns from his job as chief engineer to focus on his plans for the horseless carriage. Before he resigned he has already made his first horseless carriage, called the Quadricycle, by 1896. Ford also has another invention from the wood scraps from the car plants. it was called charcoal briquettes. He gave the invention to his brother-in-law E.G. Kingsford so he could run the charcoal manufacturing plant, which Ford called the plant Kingsford Charcoal. On April 7, 1947 Henry Ford died to a cerebral Hemorrhage at 83 years old.

Henry Ford...
1. Did you think that Henry would win why or why not?

2. Who's car did he race?

Impact that Henry Ford had on the 1920's

When Henry Ford made his Motel T he changed how the assembly line worked. Instead of one person making one item, multiple people did one specific thing to the item, then passed it down the line. He was also the first person to make a automobile affordable for the average american.