Ship Breaker

By: Paolo Bacigalupi

How Far Would You go to have a Better Life?


Nailer lives in the distant futures American Gulf Coast as a light crew worker. His job is to strip wrecked oil tankers of all their light and valuable metals. Its hard work and is dangerous but is enough to live off of. Nailer lives like this until he uncovers the find of his life, a wrecked clipper.(Clippers are ships used by the high class society) Upon exploring the ship he finds a very rick looking girl. (rich people are called swanks) Now Nailer must make a decision, let the girl die and take all the goods on the ship for himself, or help the girl in the chance she might get him a better life. Soon it becomes a race against the clock as Nailer and Nita (swank girl) try to return Nita to he home and get Nailer a better one.

Nailer Scowled. Dozens of futures extended ahead of him, depending on his luck and the will of the fates...and the variable that this girl presented. He could see those roads spinning away from him in different directions. He was standing at their hub, looking down each of them in turn, but he could only see so far, one or two steps ahead at best.

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I chose this book because of the flashy cover, and the introduction located inside the cover. In my opinion, this is a wonderful book that i enjoyed reading all the way until the end. My favorite part of this book is at the beginning when Nailer falls into a huge vat of oil and is in danger of drowning. I liked this book because of all the suspense and action that it incorporates while always making you wonder whats going to happen next. I disliked this book because there were a few parts of the book I felt were unnecessary and were boring. I rated this book four and a half stars because it is a wonderful book that keeps you entertained throughout he entire story. I would recommend this book for ages 14 and up.

About The Author

Born on August 6, 1972 at Paonia Colorado, Paolo Bacigalupi is a fiction writer that has several acclaimed fiction stories such as: Pump Six and other Stories, The Windup Girl, Ship Breaker, its sequel The Drowned Cities, and The Water Knife. He currently lives in West Colorado with his wife and son.

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