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As a kid I made an odd looking character with HUGE eyes that were inspired by Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. Originally the whole Kyle Studios idea I created from a long time ago around third grade was originally called "Kyle W. Productions" but if you go on my old MySpace page (It has been deserted) you can still see the old Kyle W. Production stuff. Over the years before I moved I found a keychain with my name on it that had a unique silver design and started using that, but than tweeked it to make it look more crazier and thus Kyle Studios was born. But there was no way to show my work to anybody but my friends at school until I had stumbled upon DeviantArt and decided to create my account. Over a few months more and more people began to like my work and for once I felt really special and decided to start doing this more often. Although most of my experience on DA has been on my Nintendo 3DS (which I use to make pics now using colors 3D, originally with Inchworm animation) Then I started to do outlines and rough sketches for pics and started getting better and better and started to meet more friends and had finally felt popular for once in my life (How come your moto is the.... never mind.) I'm still improving each day and hoping to satisfy everyone via TV, Movies and hopefully theme parks.

How I Make My Pictures!

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Kyle Studios on YouTube

It's an idea floating in my head but I might make some comedy videos or something, idk xD anyways It's also a way for me to show you (in other words "BRAG") about my work with Adobe After Effects. So I might but for now you'll just have to wait and see ^u^

Want to do an Art Trade or Point Commission? (closed atm)

Let me know from my links down below to where you can message me! (Depends on whether or not I'm available or have a lot to finish.)

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