Seal scientist

How/what is a Seal scientist

Why Is This A Green Career?

The reason it is a green career is because it has to do with protecting animals. It is a job that takes care of the seals by allowing scientists to study the animal when they cannot themselves dive deep under water because it is too cold for humans to dive. Scientists can also track what goes on down under the ice. Some discover new animals and plants and where the seals migrate. Also if something goes wrong with the test they haven't lost money on a robot and the animal can go live its normal life again.

How does this help you and others?

When you go on a search engine to look up information you may want to know about seals, you may look at this research and see how long the seals hold their breath. Because scientists do this research everyone can see the information and it may interest more people in working with endangered wildlife. Hopefully it encourages people to help take care of these animals and you can also see the beautiful underwater places that have never been seen by humans.

images captured by these animals

You get payed over $170,000 yearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you love animals

I know if u are reading this you must like to take care of animals. There has to be someone who takes care of these animals, RIGHT???? Well if you are interested, you need a lot of education and you just need to know how to take care of these animals and how to take care of them if something goes wrong!

What Education Is Needed?

A broad education is essential for finding employment in marine mammal science. High school courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, and language will provide a good educational base. Also the M.S and the B.S agree is requared for this job. If you want to be a vetrinarion you should volinteer at a zoo with these animals that is helpfull.