How To Survive A Minotaur

By Jesus Bedoy

The Minotaur

If you ever come across a Minotaur you should run a lot because if it catches you , you are doomed . It is a half man half human . It is Hades animal type thing . I beg you don't step in his way because if you do I know you are not any theses with a Agnes sword .

Step one

Don't give up and advantage . If wearing bright colors take your clothes of because he can not see very well .

Step 2

Step 2

Run away and go somewhere safe and hide . If he does find you run even more .

Step 3

If he is lining you up go next to a tree when he charges dodge away and he will ran the tree .

Step 4

Then it is your decision go fight and try to kill him or run .

Step 5

If you fight you should have a weapon and kill him . If you run get away and hide .

Strengths and weaknesses

His strengths are he can smell good and he is buff Minotaur .

He cant hear , see, or cant change directions fast .


I hope you learned a lot and you will fight the Minotaur . There you have it to survive the Minotaur follow these steps.


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